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Reside Betting Methods | Tricks to Win Cash 2019 – jj

Reside Betting Methods | Tricks to Win Cash 2019

Betting live bets has become quite popular over the years. This video goes into live betting strategies and tips for NBA and Tennis. Winning money live betting is as easy as a few clicks, but long term there needs to be a disciplined strategy. This video is helpful to anyone wanting to learn more about live betting and how it works offering live betting tips along with a robust betting strategy.

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  2. Betting tennis. If I bet the dog (player A) pregame or during first set at plus money, and Player A wins first set, what I like to do is watch set 2 lines. If Player A goes up a break point, I find I can usually get Player B to win set 2 at +200 sometimes up to +400. Then I bet Player B to win set 2. That way I insure my match wager, and leave myself opportunity to win both plays (obviously Player B wins set 2 and Player A wins third set to take the match)

  3. Great video bro.. great points touched upon here.. similar to arbitrage betting in some sense (but not really).. but this is how there's those people who make their money live-betting and that's all.. thanks for taking the time out to touch on this subject

  4. Hey dude great video thought it would be good to tell you a little bit about what I do. I have a vast amount of experience in the betting industry and I run a betting syndicate here in the UK – All transactions are done via PayPal with a weekly payment made to all syndicate members from results that week. We are looking for around 20 new members. All you will need to do is download the instant messaging app called 'vipole' then add my username 'juggapokez8' and I will be happy to tell you more about what we do.



  5. Boss can I ask you something on how the numbers/scores work/move during in play thank you , and what to look at during in play when I'm betting under/over thank you so much , this is my email mesterliam@gmail.com thanks!!!! Muchly appreciated

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