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Louise Hay: 101 Highly effective Affirmations To Manifest Your Goals – jj

Louise Hay: 101 Highly effective Affirmations To Manifest Your Goals

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  1. You may be gone but your work continues, a fantastic legacy to leave behind and help change the World for the better. I now go to bed with Louise every night-ha, ha, ha-and listening to such positivity never fails to calm my mind and help me fall asleep. Bless You, RIP xxxx

  2. Beautiful Words filled with truth. Thank you Louise for the love. I felt the music was in contrast with your words – maybe even lowering the sound of the music so I can hear your beautiful voice!

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful affirmations there are some days that I really need affirmations for example before I go to work but I was in a dark side in my life and when I first listened to these powerful affirmations I instantly realised what I done wrong so before you go to bed ? I f you have time or before you go to work pls just listen to these affirmations for you to have just some thing positive in your head that’s what I do every time and it does really really help I .I hope you liked what I think✅??✌??

  4. TY, Ms Hay, for your insight and wisdoms.
    Gratefully received…….

    I have within me an inner wisdom that is always on my side.
    When I choose to pay attention to its message, my life works very well.
    I know exactly what to do, what to say and how to act.
    I am guided and I am safe.

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