Michaela Tabb enjoying pool, Francisco Bustamante as referee

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2 referees, Michaela Tabb and Nigel Rees are playing pool against two commentators, Jim Wych and Andy Richardson. Referee of the match is Francisco Bustamante 🙂

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  1. Here I've been listening to Jim Wych commentating for the last 6 months or so. I had no idea he was an accomplished billiard player. After reading his Wikipedia entry I have to say I don't whether I'm more impressed or surprised. Probably surprised has a slight lead. Anyway when I listen to him now I'll have a LOT more respect for him as he commentates matches.

    And Bustamante cleaning the cue ball and putting it back where Michaela didn't have to shoot over a ball was pure genius. People don't forget things like that. She's a referee and he's a player I'm doing the math now.

    Very brave of Michaela to play this match because there can be little doubt she has not picked up a cue in some time. After reading some of her Wikipedia entry she evidently won quite a few professional tournaments when she was playing. I just started playing again after a 20 plus year layoff. 25 years experience before that so I'm fully aware how difficult this game is to pick back up after a long respite. Looking at her stroke however, all I can say is I'm non plussed. Even after my 20 year layoff my stroke still looked good even though I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. After about 6 months of intermittent playing I'm doing well now. But it was quite the wake up call for me when I started playing again. I thought I'd be pocketing a high percentage of my shots in just a few hours. RONG.

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