Migrating Sierra from a Mac Professional to Z370/i7-8700ok – caught on "sound assertion"


Hi everyone!
I did my third build recently, got a fresh High Sierra install working flawlesly, but now I’m trying to migrate an existing Sierra installation from my old Mac Pro 5.1 and I’m stuck on the “sound assertion” problem.

What I did:
1. Cloned the MacPro’s system volume (Sierra)
2. Booted the MacPro from the clone and run a Multibeast post (settings based on what worked for my build with High Sierra, except the audio drivers, which are unpresent in multibeast for Sierra, but I thought don’t need the onboard audio working anyway)
3. Put the drive in my Hack
4. Set FakeCPUid to 0x0906E9 (Kaby Lake)
5. Played around with various boot options – no luck
6. Did another fresh clone and repeated the post with recent version of clover and all the Z370 drivers (including audio) – still getting the same error…

The build is as listed in my profile.
Screenshot of the error attached.
I need this system up and running on the new build – HS is not an option as some of my external hardware (and software) refuses to work with anything above Sierra… :( I know that Coffe Lake and Z370 are not natively supported in Sierra but I’ve seen some reports on success in here…

Please, help!


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