muhammad ali jinnah had already realized that we’d have develop into a slave of Hindus after the British says Imran Khan | Jinnah had already realized that we must develop into a slave of the Hindus after the British: Imran Khan. Jinnah had already realized that we must develop into a slave of Hindus after the British: Imran Khan


new Delhi: With the removal of Section 370 and 35 A in Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan (Pakistan) has been shuffled. In spite of India's internal issues, it has been reported to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Imran Khan) on this. Imran Khan (Imran Khan) said in Tuesday's Pakistan Parliament that his ideology was that Hindu nation would be there. Qaida Azam Jinnah understood that after the slavery of the British, Hindus would have to be slaves. Those who did not consider 2 Nation Theory, today people are saying that 2 Nation Theory was fine.

Imran Khan (Imran Khan) said that what is happening in India at this time is seeing the whole world, not just Pakistanis. He said that when our rule came, the first priority was to remove poverty, so talk to all the neighbors, spoke to Hindustan.

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Pakistan (Pakistan) PM Imran said, "When I spoke to Narendra Modi, he told me that you have a terror camp here. I explained to him that since we attacked the Army School, we decided that the Pakistan camp will not let the camp of the camp ride. After that he was not interstated to talk about the attempt. After that the pulwama was done, we tried to convince them. Pakistan has no hand. '

Imran Khan (Imran Khan) said, "His (India) was going to be held here, he had to make Pakistan a scapegoat. Being oppressed in Kashmir, it was to remove the world's eye. The dossiers sent later sent the plane first. Thank Allah that Pakistan (Pakistan) responded. Our efforts are to understand that weakness. What they did yesterday, when we were in Bishek, we were feeling it, they did it by planning. This was part of their election manifesto. This is an RSS-based agenda.

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