Nenapina Doni Full Kannada Film | Kannada Romantic Film | Kannada New Launch | New Add 2016

Watch Full Length Kannada Movie Nenapina Doni release in year 1986. Directed by T S Nagabharana, produce by V Verghese, music by Vijaya Bhaskar and …



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  1. Ananth Nag & Geetha look like a great Couple! Ananth Nag looks younger in this. Geetha is such a gorgeous woman. This is a nice movie but the story is kind of uninteresting near the end. But love the first half. Those days the kind of cultural refinement Karnataka & the world in general had is gone. It's crass hooliganism that's the order of the day. Loknath Sir ? Chirashanthihi

  2. Not an extraordinary movie with crystal-tight screenplay, but well made and meaningful. Anyways @ 2:20:40 you can observe Srinath's shirt is torn near the armpit! Wonder if it is budget/costume issue (He came to shooting straight from home?) or if it is to bring some naturality to his financial condition in the movie (being a writer!)

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