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New Insurance coverage Agent Errors to Keep away from – jj

New Insurance coverage Agent Errors to Keep away from

Iconic insurance trainer, Sylvia Gordon, and her exotic daughter and eventual successor, Margaret Sharples-Gordon expound on sales basics for new agents.



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  1. Run from the State Farm opportunity!! If you are walking into a book of business then you have a slim chance of making it but if it is a "scratch" or start-up agency then you are surely doomed. As the clear question how many scratch agents have been in this region in the last five years and how many of them are still around. Get that answer in writing because they will lie. Also get a layout of the cost of your first year and then double it if you want to try and stay open. The worst part of this experience is that the management is the worst. My so-called manager came in the first day I opened my doors and she starts to raise her voice that I" haven't sold enough of the financial products and I need to get on it". It really went downhill from there. After 10 months I knew that no matter how much I sold it would not keep me afloat. $137,000 later I closed my doors and had to admit that the game was rigged against me from the beginning. I spent all my resources and they walked away with all of the policies and new clients to State Farm that I prospected and developed. I got to know the competitors and they say the same thing about startup agents. Run, don't walk, away from this type of scam.

    Excellent final expense presentation.  I've sold over 2500 final expense plans in 10 years and my key selling tool was showing colored casket pictures. Asking, how much do you want to pay for a casket. A low, minimum or high cost.  Move them to a minimum price.  Also, I don't say the wife I refer to them as your widow. Need more information and leads check out http://www.virtualunlimitedleads.com

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