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Petrol pump is now changed by e-charging station! – Learn how to open electrical automobile charging station India Tata Energy 300 EV charging stations | enterprise – Information in Hindi – jj

Petrol pump is now changed by e-charging station! – Learn how to open electrical automobile charging station India Tata Energy 300 EV charging stations | enterprise – Information in Hindi


Tata Power and Tata Motors, two veterans of auto sector, are looking forward to the market with large investments and plans, seeing a brilliant future in e-vehicles. Tata Power India is going to launch the Electric Vehicle era. Within a few days the auto sector will change only. Instead of vehicles running petroleum fuel, electric vehicles will be seen running on the roads. Tata Power is pushing for charging stations in view of the requirements of electric vehicles. Recently, Tata Power has installed 84 charging stations of e-Vehicle in 13 cities of 9 states and the target for setting up of 300 charging stations in the next 34 months has been kept. He told that those who run the e-Vehicle should not have any charging problem, for this, they are launching a mobile app in association with Tata Motors. With the help of this app, you can find out what is the nearest e-Vehicle Charging Station. Also, the company will charge cars for the first three months free of charge.

The goal of the Central Government is that by 2030, 25 to 30 percent of the vehicles in the country should be electric so that the pollution can be reduced. In the current financial year, the aim of the government is to build around 4,500 charging stations. All these will be built on national and state highways.

Let's learn about it …

What is plan- Panasonic In a statement, in a statement that in the first phase, Panasonic has partnered with Smart E and QQV to provide electric mobility services.

>> Under this, Panasonic would install EV smartphones in the Delhi-NCR region and 150 EVA charging services at 25 electric Wheeler wheels.

>> Nymbus Under the physical component such as charging stations, swap stations, onboard charging, telemetics systems and virtual components such as cloud service, analytics, interactive dashboard and artificial intelligence service will be provided. How to open e-charging station, e-charging station, electric car charging station in India

>> The purpose of this service is to help individual EV users, EV Fleet Owners, Ecommerce and Logistics companies. Nimbus will come with telemetics sensors on the vehicle. This will allow the fleet owner to track the battery usage in different trains.

>> Manish Sharma, President and CEO of Panasonic India said that the launch of this service will help people who adopt electric vehicles in India. Panasonic is the first company to create such a common platform.

The station will open here- The company will first make a charging station hub in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Amravati, Hyderabad, Gururgram, Noida and Ghaziabad. From here it will expand.

>> The company has launched its first smart EV charging service, Nimbus in India.

  How to open e-charging station, e-charging station, electric car charging station in India

>> Under this, services like physical components such as charging stations, swap stations, on board charges, telemetics systems and virtual components will be provided.

>> Cloud service analytics, interactive dashboard and artificial intelligence services will be provided.

Let us know that in order to open the e-Vehicle Charging Station, the company will be notified by advertising through newspapers and internet. All conditions will be provided for this.

The cost of a station Rs 4 lakh-According to an estimate,An electric charging station will cost around 4 lakh rupees. For this, the plan is to supply power from Agal.

Residential areas will also be in the charging station- Charging points have also been advocated in the Regulatory Areas in the guidelines issued by the government. It was also stated that there should be a public charging station on both sides of the highway on every side of every 25 kilometers. It said, "Guidelines on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure have been circulared to all state governments and union territories.

Preparations are ready in Noida-Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture between Public Enterprises of the Ministry of Power, Government of India has signed an agreement with the new Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) for promoting electric vehicles and setting up of 100 public charging stations.

>> This Memorandum of Understanding will be helpful in boosting the process of adoption of EV here by promoting the strong infrastructure required for Electric Transport (EV) in Noida. EESL has completed 10,000 e-car tender process under its EV program.

>> So far 1,510 e-cars have been earmarked for registration / allocation across the country. 295 AC and 161 DC Charger for charging of e-cars has also been approved. EESL has signed agreements with various public sector companies (PSUs), government departments and states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana.

What is the plan of government-

The government is working fast to promote electric vehicles. For the use of charging stations on the National Highways for electric vehicles, the speed can be expedited. To implement these, 15 states have announced the nodal agencies. Within one year there will be a charging station on the highway in which more than 4,000 EV charging stations will be installed.

Every 30 km will be charged at a charging station-Charging stations will be available every 30 kilometers for which the government will also give subsidy of Rs. 1,050 crore. These charging stations will be planted together with NTPC, Power Grid. By 2030, 40 percent of electric vehicles are the target.

These companies will charge charging stations-Nodal agencies such as Delhi Transko Limited, Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, BESCOM, TSREDCO will charge charging infrastructure. These companies have to do the mentorship of the charging station for 3 years.

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