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Reporters – Morocco: the hellish world of intercourse tourism – jj

Reporters – Morocco: the hellish world of intercourse tourism

Reporters – Think of Morocco and you think of palaces, bustling souks and age-old traditions. But the postcard image hides a darker reality: the country is a …



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  1. pedophilia is a part of Islam whether homosexual or heterosexual and the Quran along with the ahadeeth speak of this. Ghilman mukhaladoun la yunzifoun meaning young boys who don’t bleed from behind in heaven for Muslims in the Quran to Mohamad molesting his grand children by kissing and sucking these penises as infants and sucking on his daugjter’s Tongue and sucking on his 6 year old wife and thighing her between 6-9 years old and this is sunna meaning that every Muslim should do it because Mohamad did it.
    I’m an ex Muslim who was born and raised in the Middle East and I also was molested as a child. It’s normal and happens to many children like myself. I used to get grabbed by the butt by men on tent street in Egypt, Israel and uae Kuwait and Qatar along with Syria and Iraq and Lebanon also. Morocco Tunis and Libya were a special case. I have a big behind and have a complex because Of it as it gives Muslim men some message that I like getting sexually penetrated because I have a big bum That’s how they think.

  2. Prostitution, extreme poverty, families, sex tourists and weak law. Who governs all this all? A ruler who gives no punishments to sex offenders who provide the boost of the 10 billion euros. The corrupt breed corruption. If you put in real Muslim hudood you would not have this.

  3. I would never visit a country where child prostitution is legal or ignored. I would not want to breathe the same air as such people. If I had power I would do something about it. Such evil in such countries and it's not poverty. It's refusing to enact laws already in existence. Paedophiles are slime who inhabit our world. Another problem in third world is multiple births with many children born with parents who are too stupid or too lazy to care for them adequately. What country would tolerate so called 'street children' for example? A country that does not really care about its children. Pure evil. Why is contraception rarely used in third world muslim countries. Pure evil. Tragic.

  4. The Morrocon Government should work closely with foreign governments and arrest and charge all paedophile tourists. This would raise Morroco's status as a holiday destination. This exploitation of Morrocon children is pure evil. What else would you call it? Notice, no war, yet Morrocon men try to enter Europe as refugees. What a joke.

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