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Decision: Lose Weight And Get In Form! – jj

Decision: Lose Weight And Get In Form!

Get in Shape! A great new years resolution.

People spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying gym memberships and fitness equipment this time of year in preparation for their new years resolutions but you dont have to. Getting in shape doesnt require money, just knowledge and dedication and this video will put you on the road to fitness.

In this video I will show you how to achieve your new years resolution of losing weight and getting stronger with a simple 30 minute home workout. This video assumes that you have no experience with fitness or weightlifting so dont worry, we are not going to use any intimidating equipment. You will feel better and have more energy after your very first workout!

OK, now for our workout, there are only three exercises – crunches for abs, pushups for chest, shoulders and triceps, and pullups for lats and biceps. And dont worry, if you cant do a single pushup or pullup I will show you how you can get started and build up your strength. This workout is for everyone, no matter how out of shape you are. You probably did these three exercises back in PE as a kid, but I’m going to show you how to do them correctly so you dont get injured.

On Monday/Wednesday/Friday do 15 minutes of cardio and this 15 minute workout. On the other four days of the week, do 30 minutes of cardio.

Here are some in-depth videos if you want more information on any of the following subjects:




Getting 6-pack abs:

You can ask me questions on my facebook page:

Please check out my blog at

For more information on home workouts, please see my free website (no advertising either):


Nutrition is key to losing weight and getting 6-pack abs! I cover nutrition on my website, if thats not detailed enough for you I have reviewed and recommended some excellent books:


Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, gyms are great but home workouts can save you time and money. A cheap dumbbell set from a garage sale or walmart is all it takes to get started with your home workouts.

For more information on home workouts, please see my free website (no advertising either):


Limitation of Liability: Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program! I am not a medical professional. It is your responsibility to critically evaluate this information and with the help of your physician decide if it is appropriate for you.
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  1. The pullups with a chair idea is amazing! I've never been able to do pullups in my entire life, or even just swing on the monkey bars as a kid, and it's always bothered me but I've never known what to do about it. Thanks so much will try this ASAP!

  2. Comments are now disabled. If you have questions or comments about getting 6-pack abs, please visit the free AskScooby forum where you can get answers 24/7. There is a board specifically for weight loss and 6-pack abs.

  3. Can chicken be used in place of salmon sometimes?

    That's pretty much all my email now (with slight edits).

    I just thought of something else, how about noodles? Can they be fit in as a meal?

    And to replace refried beans, will I just use kidney beans or something? Or can anyone suggest something better for it (Don't different beans have different properties?)? 🙂

  4. Just a couple more bits.

    The low fat TV dinner to be used, should it have meat (as well as lots of vegetables) in it for protein?
    And I could eat the chilli heat up as a meal too, right?

    I want to say a big thanks for the videos, you have really inspired me to get back into working out and getting fit again so I'm going to start right back at beginner and work my way back to fitness and improve myself. Your videos are really informative and funny, I look forward to your future videos.

  5. Or should I workout later in the day nearer dinner (or the protein shake)? Could I still do my morning jog? (I think I'll be only really able to do the workout at morning or evening) Also, how long should I do this regime before moving back onto weights and so on?

  6. I'll copy/paste the rest of my email now I guess as there's a few things left.

    I was thinking about going for a jog every morning from now on to work on my cv and then doing my crunches, pushups and pullups (although I'll need to find somewhere to do this, don't have a bar anywhere around the house, might get a doorframe one for this) afterwards, so would you suggest to do this before or after breakfast?

  7. Erm, canned or dry ones, as I said above.

    Keep in mind that the meals Scooby posted are not a complete diet, but just general ideas, so don't make getting refried beans a matter of life and death.

    The basic guideline is: Choose food that is high in volume and low in energy while making sure your nutrition is balanced.

  8. hey scooby, although i think i may have asked before, i'm an model/actor i'm going to go audition for agencies and clients heavily. i don't work so i have all day to work out. could you recommend a 2 week intense boot camp style work out? thanks, i'm your biggest fan.

  9. I'll copy/paste some of the other stuff from my message.

    The frozen vegetables I'm using right now are a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and peas (I can tell you had something quite different), I have to add some water to them when I microwave them. Would you say these are fine?

    Can anyone suggest what I should use in place of refried beans? Be specific if you can.

    Scooby, if you can answer these, please let me know what you think. But it's a hassle to paste my email in bits here.

  10. Actually, I've checked the website more and found the answer to a couple of my questions, but there are still some I have that aren't answered. Such as my question about refried beans not being available over here (Scotland) and what I should use in their place. And is skimmed milk okay? It's 0.6g fat per 200ml but I can't find 0% fat milk anywhere. Skimmed is the lowest fat milk I can find. My questions were all like this pretty much.

  11. Hi, Scooby, I was wondering if you recieved my email? It's not full of personal training questions, mainly about nutrition in relation to your video.
    If you'd rahter I posted everything from it here, just say, but it will take a lot of posts to put it all here.

  12. The only accurate way to get a true percentage is a flotation tank, not worth it. A mirror is best for determining overall progress, a skinfold caliper is best at keeping track of weekly fluctuations to make sure you are on track.

  13. My guess is that you were told that by someone who wanted your money! A good personal trainer can help you optimize your progress but there is no reason you cant make great progress working out on your own at home with simple equipment as I have been preaching for years.

  14. im going to take your word on the healthy diet
    but you should work out for at least an hour(thats doing push ups, sit ups or crunches, pull ups, and any form of cardio exercise)a day and i can guarantee you'll get slim and fit with in 3-5 months
    hopes this helps

  15. A couple of my friends bought them as well. We all weigh in the neighborhood of 170 lbs. One of my buddies lives in an 90 year old house. No problems so far (using it 4-5 times per week for the past six weeks).

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