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Rory McIlroy swing – Iron – Down the Line – jj

Rory McIlroy swing – Iron – Down the Line


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  1. Guys, how do we know its not a draw he's playing? Typically, a draw is meant to start right of the target line and finish square. Look at the flight of the ball and where it ends up, not where it starts. A draw requires more of an inside-out swing depending on how severe you wish to play the ball.

  2. Great swing, no reason anyone should be criticizing him at all, he's a hell of a ball striker and has played so well the past year and has gotten so much better yes we get it he's won major but he's 21! He won't win nearly as much as tiger but rory is still in contention almost every week and has just as much talent as tiger just not with putter

  3. Tiger changed the game and had little competition. The top guys on tour today would have taken some of his majors off him. Rory won't win as many majors but he is better tee to green then tiger was. Tiger was magical with the putter, that's whee rory is just behind

  4. I strive for that spine angle through the downswing. Textbook! anyone who thinks different is probably a highly critical, cynical, teenager that eats cheetos and plays video games all day and acts like he knows everything just to fill the void he has for no emotional attention from his parents.

  5. @remmy100 there are definitely some minor things he could correct in it, but it's gorgeous to look at and if he improves his putting only a fraction and keeps working on the swing i would certainly say he will win multiple majors. and don't forget, Tiger himself said, I'd be keeping my eye on him if i were you. so while you're right, it's silly to call him the next tiger, he's certainly likely to turn a few heads if he hasn't already.

  6. @TheKentGolferTV I'm not a hater. You can ask anybody who was watching the U.S. Open with me, that I was cheering for Rory. What I don't like is his swing and the ppl who refer to him as the "next Tiger Woods".

  7. @golfmaniac007 Wow Rory wins one major and suddenly becomes god. I refuse to believe that a win, no matter the venue, makes you x100 better than everyone else for the rest of your career. Just take a look at Tiger. For all we know, this could be Rory's last win. Nothing admirable about jumping on the band wagon…

  8. @Tommy2Thug Guess its true that golf is no longer a gentlemens game since we've now obviously resorted to name calling. What is also obvious is that I didn't say DJ's swing is better. I believe my comment was: "the right elbow being ever so slightly blocked on downswing. I like right elbows to be similar to Dustin Johnson and the like". DJ opens his hips just as much as Rory if not more bc of his closed club face, and i do believe i said i didnt like that either.

  9. @remmy100 If you think Dustin Johnson has a better swing than Rory Mcilroy then you sir are an idiot. Dustin Johnson has probably one of the worst golf swings on tour but he is so tall and athletic (6'4) that he can compensate for his poor swing mechanics. Rory's swing is absolutely textbook and that is why he is able to generate nearly the same clubhead speed and distance even though he is only 5'10" and nowhere near as strong.

  10. @faintwhitenoise I would. Not a big fan of opening the hips so much as well as the right elbow being ever so slightly blocked on downswing. I like right elbows to be similar to Dustin Johnson and the like. But that's just me.

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