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Schneider Nationwide Truck Driver Lay-offs 2019 – jj

Schneider Nationwide Truck Driver Lay-offs 2019

Sudden shutdown of Schneider final-mile unit leaves furniture shippers scrambling for options

When truckload and logistics giant Schneider National Inc. (NASDAQ:SNDR) acquired less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload carrier Watkins & Shepard Trucking Inc. and final-mile and IT provider Lodeso Inc. in June 2016, it envisioned penetrating the business-to-consumer e-commerce category with a holistic, “first-to-final-mile” shipping service for furniture and carpeting orders.

The vision died August 1 when Schneider said it would immediately halt the unit’s operations due to what the company called results that were “significantly below expectations.” The unit struggled mightily despite ongoing investments, the most recent being in mid-April when Schneider added middle-mile capabilities to connect the network’s multiple terminals. The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based concern said the unit lost $26 million in the first half of 2019 and was on track to lose another $9 million in the third quarter. The company will take $50 to 70 million pre-tax restructuring charges through the end of the year, apart from a one-time, $34.6 million goodwill impairment charge in the second quarter.

Schneider National cuts 85 Green Bay positions

Schneider National provided formal notice to the state it’s eliminating 85 jobs in the Green Bay area.


Sudden shutdown of Schneider final-mile unit leaves furniture shippers scrambling for options

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  1. I would suggest that it depends politically where the company stands. I’m willing to bet that a lot of corruption is being addressed and where you stand and what side of the isle is what will survive. God is the right side and those who have been operating under corruption I think are going to fall. The economy is going to hit changes but trucking will always be hot. Unless people keep supporting amazon and what they are trying to do to Trucking.

  2. If a large company has different facets where individuals are doing almost an identical job in this case driving, but at different pay rates it is always just a matter of time before the individuals at the higher pay rate are laid off. Don't forget whether or not it was cost-effective every Schneider driver looked over and wanted to know why they were not making as much as their LTL counterparts.

    I know LTL driving is a lot more demanding. It is far more in City driving, not just highway mileage as well as a lot more customer service. When you are over the road you're going to one terminal and you're pretty much done, LTL you're delivering Freight to customers all day long usually in much smaller amounts one to two pallets. That Freight has had far more hands touch it so the chance of damage is much higher and since the shipment is much smaller people care way more about the damage. All it all it makes for a lot more work. but at a large company will look at it and say you both are just drivers.

  3. Let them all fall, they are the ones to blame for the Electronic logs, low rates and the rest of trucking industry decline, they all work with ATA to screw up drivers, I’m glad to see them all go down, best news ever.

  4. Back in November 2015 I joined Schneider. Great people, Great training but poor miles and always lack of… Lasted only 3 months only receiving around $400 per week. Pay didn't change if I was 12 on 2 off or 7 on and 34 reset… Spent most of my time at the Indy OC waiting for loads… Local is the way to go…?

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