SOLAR HOT WATER with black backyard hose Pondmaster 1200 gph SWIMMING POOL SOLAR

The pump does not need to be the 100 watt version. There are lower wattage pumps on the market. A good DC pump would work too. This is 50 gallons. Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Water Pump.


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  1. Note the guy is advertising water hose so we have to wonder if that's where this is headed, instead of actual solar heating. Still in all, you could skip the pump (and the battery / inverter) and do a thermo-siphon with the same hose. Install a hose fitting near the bottom and near the top of that drum, both fittings below the water level. Once the hose (or poly pipe) is full the normal reaction of the sun's heat will cause hot water to rise and cold water to fall, creating a flow through the hose based on temperature difference and without using a pump. Eventually you will have a barrel of warm water even though the top will be warmer than the bottom by a few degrees.

  2. When we first moved to the farm, we lived in a motorhome. Needless to say the hot water tank is small for six people. I used two splitter's with 8 /100 foot hoses and spray nozzles on each end. the water was turned on to fill the hoses, then left in the sun. I used a hula hoop with ropes hung from a limb with two shower curtains hanging around for privacy. The bottom on the ground had gravel with a pallet on top. We used a two 5 gallon buckets set on a bench. Each would be filled 1 with 2/3 hot water the 2nd filled all the way. we would rinse off, soap up, shampoo, then rinse off using a small pot to pour water over us. we had a place to hang our wash rag, towel's, soap etc and a place to hang dry clothes. We never ran out of hot water, and most of the time the water was too hot so we would add some cool water . … Growing up in rural Florida, my father had six 50 gallon drums painted black that he would catch rain water in, they were mounted with tin sheets underneath to heat the water. It was set up and used with a gravity feed line. If it was during the winter, he would have one drum set over aside a campfire, it would always provided plenty of hot water. When he finally had a water pump put in we would feed the primer and pump water. We thought we had died and went to heaven.

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