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Silly Job Search Errors: Sitting and Ready | JobSearchTV.com – jj

Silly Job Search Errors: Sitting and Ready | JobSearchTV.com

Here’s another one of those dumb mistakes people make that can cost so much. ABOUT JEFF ALTMAN, THE BIG GAME HUNTER Jeff Altman, The Big Game …


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  1. When you get a call from a recruiter a few weeks after you met in person.. and they ask about places you ave applied to… and you give them a LONG LIST… and their comment, oh wow you have been busy. Um, yeah what have YOU BEEN UP TO since i have yet to hear from you??? Seriously, what a complete waste of space..most of them are trying to get enough experience to get into HR at a company..I have yet to meet one who isn't a waste of my time. and oh yes…how could i forget a friends experience with a recruiter in 2014, who told her (with 20 years of credit & contract experience) that she had no bankable skills.

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