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The Well being Insurance coverage Racket – jj

The Well being Insurance coverage Racket

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  1. Workers compensation insurance is just as bad if not worse. I am an
    injured worker who has been the target of heinous crimes including the
    intentional maiming of my body during workers compensation medical
    procedures. At the 3RD lumbar epidural that took place on June 6, 2013
    under the care of Dr. Thomas J. Phillips, Orthopedic surgeon, through Employer's Compensation Insurance Company of Nevada, I was brutally forced against my advance directives under anesthesia. My body was maimed from my skull down to my tailbone both physically and medically. I was injected throughout my back and other parts of my body with some sort of chemicals that corroded and dried out the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves in my back, neck shoulders, legs. Knowing that I would contact law enforcement and many others, they also maimed organs in my body INCLUDING my liver, esophagus, heart and nervous system. I believe that this was done to paint me as a person who abuses alcohol. I did drink however, I stopped knowing that something horrific had been done to my body.
    After the above, I had realized that I have been intentionally harmed several times before. I thought that I was accidentally being harmed at a previous lumbar ESI procedure. I have had intrusions into my home, my food and drinks, protein powder, mouthwash was all tainted with some sort of chemicals that affected different parts of my body. My car has been vandalized, I believe that my dog has been poisoned, documents related to my workers comp claim and medical history were stolen out of my home. I discover that documents were altered over and above my signature, medical and surgery reports were falsified and much more.
    My employer, Metropolitan Home Mortgage, had informed Employers Compensation Insurance Company that I had not been hurt at work but was hurt at home. That is a flat out lie.
    I have since learned that maiming injured workers and targeting them through relentless crimes – some heinous in nature, is a common strategy of corporations including insurance companies, law firms, employers, government (rogue government officials) and many others. The plethora of relentless crimes is often referred to as "organized stalking" AKA "group stalking" – according to the National Center for Victims of Crimes. Other names are "gang stalking", "cause stalking" and "government sponsored stalking". Yes, our government at all levels including federal, state, city, county, local levels do participate in these crimes for various different reasons.
    I now suffer in chronic pain and disability. My workers comp attorney told me to file for permanent disability back in 2013 as a result of the maiming. I have done so but am unable to qualify for disability because my medical records and studies inside and outside of workers comp are falsified to hide the muscle, nerve, ligament damage.
    I have since spoken to many attorneys who can't seem to help. Not just workers comp attorney but also litigation, medical mal practice, etc. I've even spoken to other insurance carriers. One medical mal-practice insurance carrier informed me that a medical mal-practice insurance carrier would not cover what has happened to me because what was done to me is known as "medical battery". Medical battery is an intentionally act whereas medical malpractice is not intentional.
    Next month, I have a hearing with the social security Judge. I don't expect a miracle since I have also found out through injured worker activists that maiming injured workers has been going on for years. However, their intent is to mar your credibility by having the injured worker submit to a psych evaluation wherein yet another medical report will be falsified to protect the defense in the workers comp claim. The psych report will indicate that the injured worker is delusional or mentally ill and that their claims of being maimed during workers comp medical procedures are part of the delusion.
    In my case alone, I have met more corrupt people than I knew existed. Not only medical professionals who are willing to falsify medical reports but also surgery centers, hospitals, elected officials at many levels, attorneys… the list goes on and on.
    If these crimes have existed for decades in the workers compensation system, then, why aren't we as citizens of the greatest country in the world warned? No one warned me about what I have dome to know are the most common crimes in the workers compensation system and those are the crimes that are facilitated against injured workers! HEINOUS CRIMES!

  2. I use the Brit NHS on average we pay in taxes some $3500 a year to help pay for it. The average US citizens pays around $8500 to pay for their private /tax based HC programs. In my 70 years I've never received a NHS bill be it a simple visit to my Dr or a stay in Hospital. No co-pay, no deductibles, no pre-conditions, etc. Being over 60 prescription drugs are free same for children including Uni students or certain medical conditions including cancer drugs. Cost per prescription drug $10

  3. I have health insurance from work, but its still not good enough. I have a $1,500 deductible before work pays anything, and even after that they only pay 80%. Some might say, 20% is not so bad. Well it all depends on the procedure being down. That 20% can be $5,000. I mean who has the money to pay that?

  4. Taking your insurance from your job was your 1st mistake. I have my own, personal policy for years, as I am self employed. But after the crash, my business gets too slow, so I go back in, and out of the workplace, as necessary. I NEVER take employer insurance, because I would be fucked. Sorry you are fucked. But, you made choices.

  5. I will never give private health insurance a dam penny of my money… Go @#$^ yourselves you greedy pigs…. Doctors and hospitals also need to start charging less.. .. Problem is these greedy bastards OWN our politicians … THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!!

  6. I just recently lost my job. Without insurance my 3 monthly rx are arouned $2,000. Who can afford that? I can't. I have 4 more days of rx left. Missing 1 day of rx may cause me to go into a condition known as status epilepticus–that being have a seizure over and over and over until you get treatment or die. I've been there once. Luckily I was at work when it happened.

    Healthcare is a human right!!! Canada can do it. France can do it. UK can do it amongst others. Why cant the US?

  7. Pathetic.. Truly pathetic… Mr and Mrs politician…. You know it's pathetic because you have government run health care… pretty much sums it up.. Can you say contradicting … Jokes on the American people…. PROBLEM is the joke is not funny and people are dying….

  8. @ahoog69 I agree. The right-wing propaganda machine, while fighting healthcare reform, tried to convince people that there would be "death panels". Those death panels did and do exist in the offices of insurance companies not the government. People accept from the private sector what they fear from the government. I also agree that insurance is a secondary problem to the out of control costs of direct healthcare. But gee, the free market will take care of it. Right?

  9. @ahoog69

    Why is healthcare so expensive? How else would an insurance executive afford to live in a gated community similar to a redoubt in enemy territory? A lot want to protect their looted wealth. Because slavery is illegal corporations need to find another loophole to reduce workers' spending power and potential to improve one's position, and one such loophole is big insurance. It is meant to be a pretext for siphoning off the working and middle class' wealth.

  10. Healthcare is too important to be manipulated by private health insurance companies. Some (or most) might say that they would never allow the government to stand between them and their doctor, but that is exactly what the private insurers do – for profit. In addition to eliminating private insurance, we need to determine WHY healthcare is so expensive (something rarely – if ever – discussed in Congress) and find ways to reduce those costs across the board.

  11. @JoJoshua1
    Well you know I work two jobs. One is supposed to give me benefits, but not until they hire me permanately. I'm just a Temp now. So I need a second job, and I don't get any benefits.

    Maybe I'll try to work for the Government so I can get coverage.

  12. I don't support Obamacare because I think its long-term effects will be negative (tax spikes which hurt the economy, ridiculous waiting lines such as those in the UK under the NHS, etc.) its constitutionality is highly dubious, and the majority of Americans have stood against it; but there is no doubt that health insurance company execs need to be held accountable for the unethical and tyrannical way they operate. People on the Left and the Right can unite in agreement over the need for reform.

  13. Insidious as all this is, there is a far bigger problem. Most managed care organizations and insurers are not on the hook for these costs because they transferred their insurance risks to health care providers. So doctors, hospitals, nurses, and nursing homes get flat payments regardless of what their costs are. This make these providers tiny, inefficient insurers leading to poor profitability, high losses and severe constraints on patient benefits.

    "Professional Caregiver Insurance Risk"

  14. @forwardmover

    If you read the whole story you would see. I went to washigton to lobby for a patient bill of rights in 1995 so people with pre exsisting conditions could be allowed to change insurance. To stop the abuse of people.

    Under emergency regulations people can change Insurance when the employer feels it is necessary, my husband worked for the US Goverment. My family was lucky, not everyone is so lucky.

  15. Have you just read about my recent experience with my Insurance company. I would be happy to share how they tried to bully my doctor into not providing the appropriate care, and share those bullying documents. marked NOT TO BECOME PART OF THE PERMANENT MEDICAL RECORD>

  16. @forwardmover
    Day four and five two more faxes. MARKET NOT TO BECOME A PART OF THE PERMANENT RECORD. does not need the kind of care you are providing. Luckily I have a good doctor, not one employed by CIGNA. Yes this time I will go to washington with these letters. Why do people not want to face the facts.

  17. @forwardmover

    Perhaps that was because I had been Well. Recently however I had to be hospitalized. Day one fax to doctor market NOT TO BECOME A PART OF THE MEDICAL RECORD. Does not need to be in the hospital.

  18. @forwardmover
    You my friend are very misinformed Cigna owned 29 wholly owned health clinics where they employed the doctors. The people should simply go to jail. I am that person, and since it happened to me I certainly know what I am talking about.

  19. @MoneySpan Everyone pay out of pocket…the welfare you give the insurance companies will buy you any ER visit for most of you. 5 years of coverage not paid can net you 20K in a bank account, getting interest.

  20. @forwardmover well ill tell u i live neither in a trailer nor garage, i rent a small 2 br home for 800 a month, because i refuse to have my life crippled by debt taking out a mortgage. but old people like u would have young ppl like me believe that corporations r looking out for me so they will loan me money with no hopes to repay it. but its ok, insurance companys r looking out for u man, pay 800$ outta pocket so some dude can make 23 million and not even be a doctor, then get denied cover!


  22. @forwardmover
    You seem to have a lower IQ. I bet that if you were on a bus you would not give up your seat to a blind or disabled person.
    Whatever happened to the needs of the disabled comes first before profit?
    If you were in the world trade center, I bet you would only be interested in saving your own ass.
    Think outside the box. Its not just about you. Its about all Americans.
    You are the one with the lower IQ.

  23. @forwardmover
    But there are people who are disabled who can't work. Is that fair they should go without. Every other industrialzed nation has public healthcare, why not the USA.

    And Great Britain and Canada do have a better healthcare system. This I have first hand knowledge on.

  24. @jjonathan360 unrestrained capitalism = facism and controlled murder. people for some reason worship at this alter and condemn millions to die and suffer needlessly for it. corp of all kinds need to be checked and have alot more regulation. but this industry needs to die completely. and forever. the bottom line is people not fucking money. if our national economy isnt strong enough to withstand a temporary hit from removing this corner than maybe the whole thing needs to be scrapped.

  25. these motherfuckers want us to think that the free market ideal is a good enough reason to keep these bastard fed and cozy..you know what? health isnt a commodity…its a basic premise for a functioning society.period.there is no way to refute this. removing money from this aspect of the capitalist machine can only IMPROVE health and indeed remove a tremdendous stress from people which will then in turn improve their health even more.its exponential.what idiot cant understand this?

  26. @willyD200 no unfortunately peaceful revolution cannot help a thing….the only thing that help us is a miracle.they happen , but not often and usually dont come in time to save civilizations….and i dont mean a christian miracle. take your pick of fate or gods. we need some clutch shit soon. were going down the drain in a chaotic violent whirlpool. every now and then the whirlpool takes you to the edge where it seems peaceful and then all of a sudden youve drowned

  27. @iforgotmyscreenname1 At least those teabaggers don't have to pay taxes for state run health care – they just have to pay premiums that will do nothing but go up – up – Up, and AWAY!!!!!! Unbridled greed has absolutely NO checks or balances. I would mention that they have no transparency, but they are so arrogant they don't care. Entire call centers dedicated to denying benefits to PAYING MEMBERS!

  28. Regardless, if you're able to afford $400,000 worth of medical problems, then the smart thing to do would be to have health insurance so you don't end up spending yourself into bankruptcy. So, I have a hard time believing what you write.

  29. Your post doesn't quite make sense. If you have $400,000 worth of med problems that you're paying for why would you not want to buy insurance and if you can't afford it, why would you not accept a subsidy so you could afford it? Prior to my health insurance being canceled because I was no longer profitable, I know they lost money on me since my medications cost more than my monthly premiums. Continued…

  30. @anotherparadox – I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a health crisis. Over 700,000 Americans have to declare bankruptcy each year because of medical costs. None of our indusrial peers force their citizens tinto that situation. I wish you well. Take care.

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