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The theme night time – The automation of employment (RTVE is) – jj

The theme night time – The automation of employment (RTVE is)

Accelerated technology development can become a problem for employment. What will happen to people who have been replaced by machines and algorithms?
There are economists who have begun to study the exact impact that automation can have on the labor market and the response is overwhelming. Through a study a list is made of all the jobs that will be automated in twenty years. The conclusion is that 47% of the US labor market is ready to be automated.
Technological development entails an inherent problem, and that is that each new technological revolution implies a lower need for workers. Today, the companies that generate the most value employ a fraction of the workers they employed only a generation ago.

The Thematic Night began its journey on TVE's 2 in October 1995. Throughout its trajectory, the program has achieved audience ratings well above the average of the chain and an acceptance by the viewer that has been remained virtually unchanged over the years.
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The Thematic Night uses an unusual format in the programming of general television. An interesting and different format, address the same issue from different perspectives in a combination of documentaries, sometimes supported with feature films. A space open to all knowledge, which explores all streams of ideas, open to innovation and change.

The contents of the documentaries of The Thematic Night provide a look at the events that have marked the last century and the issues that mark the trends of the current. The program invites the viewer every week to improve their knowledge, to analyze the most important events in history, to deepen social issues, to know in depth relevant characters, to discover other horizons and to understand other cultures.

The program team uses a large part of its resources and infrastructures in the search for the best documentary pieces that exist in the world market to propose to the viewer both original works and heritage works, new talents and safe values, surprising forms and classic forms .


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