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High 20 Drama/Romance Films – jj

High 20 Drama/Romance Films

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  1. plz someone help me find the movie name/////////its a movie with the boy have problem in mind … he want to kill himself but he find a girl who play games online …. the boy get bullying from other boys in school … that boy dont speak too much or think …///.. he try to meet this girl who find .. but when he look her he didnt do anything … he try to jump in train rails to die but the girl apear behind him and help him … actually the girl wasnt real but he create her to help him with his mind./// i know all the plot but i cant find it this movie … maybe coz not famous … this movie is before 2008 i think and maybe is a drama movie

  2. The first should be My Sister's Keeper
    For God's sake, I couldn't stop crying
    It's definitely the most beautiful and moving film that I've ever seen, and also a lesson.
    Hachiko is also another film that made me cry, and a walk to remember
    Also The Fault In Our Stars ( ofc the book is more detalied and touching)

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