Deal with and Forestall Osteoporosis Naturally

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/05/23/Can-Calcium-Actually-Make-Your-Bones-Weaker.aspx Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about osteoporosis and how to treat it naturally with organic foods.


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  1. Fresh, locally sourced organic vegetables, especially onions, avoid gluten, increase omega 3, reduce omega 6, add K2, check vitamin D, preferably from sun ☀️ exposure, stimulate your bones especially around arms and hips with exercise and training.

  2. Phew. Finally a excuse to NOT take those drugs!!! So glad he's around to help.
    My bone issue is more from being bedridden. Severe stress from divorce and insomnia.
    Thus too tired to be actuve.
    Plusse for YEARSs. DR. INSISTED I TAKE MORE SALT FOR MY low blood pressure.
    Well duh now I have bone loss from calcium diluting sodium for 10yrs.
    What a mess these drs. Make

    K2 is gonna me my hero. Fingers crossed.

    Yup. Have vit. D measured. I was too high.. LOL from your subligual ..

  3. "plenty of high quality protein " is not very specific. most Americans are eating way too much meat. Autopsies on eskimos and bodies found in people living in the arctic thousands of years ago show advanced osteoporosis and heart disease.So clearly a diet of just meat, fish and bones is horrible. You need to be more specific with your statements. Many Americans will run with what you say and think a 15oz steak a day is healthy and will help them

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