Tulsi Gabbard Solutions Questions From Lobbyist Rayellen Smith on Medicare four All

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Answers Questions From Lobbyist Rayellen Smith on “Medicare For All” CNN Town Hall.

#TulsiGabbard: “It’s unacceptable for anyone to be sick and not being taken care simply because they do not have enough money. So medicare for all which we are paying right now with the high cost of healthcare that we are paying, MEDICARE FOR ALL WOULD TAKE OUT THAT MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANY THAT WE ARE WRITING A BIG CHEQUE TO EVERY-MONTH AND INSTEAD WE WOULD BE ABLE TO LOWER THAT COST OF HEALTHCARE BY TAKING OUT THAT BLOATED ADMINISTRATIVE FEES AND HEAVE PROFITS THAT INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE MAKING on the backs of sick people in this country and instead write that cheque for medicare for all, where we would have that coverage for everyone.
There’s a lot of things that are driving up the healthcare, so on its own medicare for all is not going to solve everything, we have to address the high cost of prescription and drugs, …. ”

#CNNDana: “Can I just drill down on this, just to make sure I’m hearing this correct? Do you believe that ALL private insurance should be eliminated?”

#TulsiGabbard: “I don’t, I think Medicare For All in it by itself by providing that care, that basic level of care which would include dental and vision to people, would take away that insurance middleman, that high-cost that we are paying right now. If people want to go and get private insurance for something else or something they see its not being fulfilled then of course they should have the freedom to do that.”

#CNNDana: “What would that insurance be for, you know, the argument is that if you go that far, that the private insurance market will bottom out.”

#TulsiGabbard: “The thing is today, the insurance companies are not allowed to cover things that medicare provides today, so by expanding medicare this wouldn’t change that, if there are other services that insurance companies see that they have an opportunity to fill and that people would want then they can do that, its a free country.”



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  1. I think Medicare for All will happen eventually, it is a shame because a lot of the functions being talked about with M4A traditionally have been covered by charities and Churches. Those small organizations with limited funding were very judicious with their resources, and kept people from taking advantage of them. My primary fear with the federal government taking over is that the abuse will go way up in the system. We can see this happening in the UK with NHS, which is basically what Tulsi's version of M4A would end up being.

    That said, I don't think her version would get implemented, so I'm not sure this is a huge issue.

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