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U.S. Shale Gasoline – jj

U.S. Shale Gasoline

(January 20, 2010) John Curtis, Professor of Geochemistry and Director of the Potential Gas Agency at the Colorado School of Mines, discusses a broad range …



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  1. people only hear the bad news, WELL, that EARTHQUAKE that hit youngstown ohio 4.9, my glasses in my cabinet SHOOK HARD some fell over, windows rattleing, i have a crack going up my l.r. wall, i live in warren,25-30 miles and yes they were FRACKING AT THE TIME OF THE QUAKE!!!!

  2. E'erbody here talkin about "facts," well I like facts too!
    Fact one- No matter how much "gas" is in the ground, eventually it will run out.
    Fact two- The sun will shine tommorrow…& will continue to shine for a hell of alot longer than will be able to mine for any resource. The cleanest, most reliable source of inexaustable energy hangs above our heads everyday, & yet we ignore that fact for fossil fuels stuck in the ground! Pathetic!

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  4. sorry for butting in, it seems to me that the surrounding layers are more permeable than Shale, so if the gas is not trapped by low permeable shale it can continue up to the ground water level: it won't go back down to the well bore.

  5. Nobody will hear me… I will be in a cave. And, people like yourself will be wax all self-confident because there is nobody around you objecting to your foolish endeavours. Enough people like you, and the sum consequences will be such that even the air / water within the Cave will be ruined…. the least I can do is stay outside the cave and try my best to rebuke and educate those like you.

  6. Absolutely. My relatives were from PA and said it happened in the early 1900's. Causal relationships are merely convenient lies in propaganda films. The Nazis used to show films with a scene of swarming rats, then a scene of Jews, moronically implying a relationship between the two. Gasland and other modern propaganda films use the same methods and represent the antithesis of learning and knowledge and facts.

  7. Gasland has been de-bunked. A giant scam perpetrated by a producer that deliberately lied despite overwhelming data contrary to his dogma. This "documentary" is such a pack of deception I think that it would North Korea' s leaders would blush at such bold faced lies.

  8. an oncologist is a job, an oncology pharmacist is a job, a coroner is a job. Jobs just for jobs sake is not the right mentality. GDP grows when windows are broken – should we just always try to boost GDP no matter how it's done?

  9. Its good to know what the interests are of your sources of information are. His job is to provide scientific, technological information that will be used to extract fuel. His counterpart on the same subject would be an environmental scientist, who would study the impact of this technology.
    What he does is dependent on the continued use of this technology. So, of course, he is not there to question whether this should be done. If you listen to his words, it is clear he is all about how, not if.

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