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What’s the Globally Harmonized System? – jj

What’s the Globally Harmonized System?

Resolution 312 of 2019 in its article 33 establishes that manufacturers, importers, distributors, marketers and users of hazardous chemicals must have a work program with activities, resources, responsible, goals and indicators for the prevention of major industrial accidents, with the respective classification and labeling in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemical products, observing in this regard Law 320 of 1996 and decree 1496 of 2018.

Management and Training is your virtual course on Occupational Health and Safety, in this channel you will learn topics such as:

Security and health at work
Committee of coexistence
Emergency brigades
Occupational hazards
Work accident
#Major Accidents
Occupational disease
SGSST audit
Environmental management

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  1. buen video del manejo de los productos quimicos y otros. una pregunta
    el campo de aplicacion (trabajo) del tecnico por competencias en salud ocupacional son las mismas que el profesional en salud ocupacional?. lo pregunto porque en la yo estoy la tecnica se parece mucho al profesional pero realizan las mismas funciones o es por parte iguales :/

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