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Work stress and signs of despair – EL ANTIMATRIX – jj

Work stress and signs of despair – EL ANTIMATRIX

Work stress and symptoms of depression. Many are those who have lost their jobs in these times of crisis, and are going through the worst nightmares that a man can desire.

However, the job stress they are feeling in their meats is not negligible, more and more, the few "lucky" who still retain their jobs.

In this video I show you a test with which you can self-assess and know if you suffer from work stress and to what degree.

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  1. muy buen trabajo salvador yo avordo en mi canal ya la enfermedad de la depresion cuando ya esta dentro de uno pero nunca e tenido nunca la labia o la formula para combencer a nadie que por su bien valla al medico demasiados palos morales ¿lo arias usted? seria el primero en darle las gracias

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