Yolanda Adams Stay Delivered from An Abusive Marriage Testimony


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  1. God is The Match Maker!

    I feel you Yolanda. I turned down 2 engagements. One ended a month before the wedding. The few months of shame is nothing compared to the "years" of misery had I gone through with either one! I Thank Him WITH ALL MY HEART for sparing me that grief. My husband today is a sold out believer. He's not perfect BUT he loves and obeys Jesus. We teach our son he better treat the Lord's daughters with love and respect and WAIT for the one He choose for Him. Marriage is a serious BLOOD COVENANT. Ladies, we can always go to Him to straighten out our mess. He's still God and He still loves us! Don't ever forget that.

  2. Tears I been thru it. But only for a moment. GODS angels shielded me one night when the man I lied next many nights tried to stomp my head as I lied upon the road in front of our residence, in front of my seven year old. GOD came through me and I was able to grab that leg as I was out of it and wrap my legs around this demon possessed man to prevent him from stomping my head in the concrete, in front of my child. JESUS I'LL NEVER FORGET.

  3. We are heirs of Jesus Christ, He would never hurt or abuse us in any manner. Abuse is a device of Satan, and sends a message that we are property of men rather than daughters of God. Ladies please know this, and flee controlling men.

  4. I can remember back in September of 2004 when I was 11 years old and my brother Jason was 9 years old. My dad was helping Jason with his homework, but dad was being hard on him. When mom tried to call up Jason for dinner, dad refused to let him have dinner. He said he was not allowed to have dinner until his homework was done. Then later on mom and dad started arguing in front of Jason and me. Dad was just screaming at mom like crazy while mom was trying to be as calm as possible. Jason and I were just crying like crazy and I was worried about not sleeping but God helped me sleep through that night. Plus God spoke to dad and he apologized after as soon as Jason I got home from school.

  5. I could've save myself a lot of heartaches had I listened to that still voice. Soon as we step out of the will of God, we ignore that still small voice, telling us "No, Don't do it," that's when we run into problems. Lesson learned.

  6. Yolanda Adams, I hesitated for 3 hours to go to the church for the wedding. I was thinking that I couldn't disappoint my family and this man. But when I married him, I disappointed myself and God. For 15 years I was abused. I prayed to God to get me out of this marriage and He did. I thank God for keeping me. Thank you so much. May God continue blessing YOU

  7. Be the Right Type of Woman and Seek GOD for the right Type of Man

    "Your Husband: A Woman's Guide to Marrying the Best Possible Man." By Thaddeus Joseph Beaulieu

    Every man and woman get this book and follow the instructions. You will be spared much heartache/headache.

    "I’m Your Husband” are the words that I uttered to my dear, blessed, and lovely wife not long after I met her, by the great and glorious grace of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. After her and I became more and more involved, she confessed to me that I was all that she had been praying to GOD and waiting on the good LORD for, for many years. Yes, my blessed and lovely wife continues to inform me even to this day, that I am her gift from GOD. I’m the man whom she had been waiting on from GOD and praying for both inside and out." – T. J. Beaulieu
    As there are billions of males in the world, how is a woman to know just who her husband is of them all? How is she to know that she won’t regret her decision to marry the man whom she says “yes” to? In his blessed new book entitled, “Your Husband”, Christian author T. J. Beaulieu gives women straight to the point and wise advice on how to ensure that they marry the “Best Possible Man”. Men can also receive a wealth of helpful information from this book as they will learn just what type of husband makes the best husband for any good hearted woman. With sound and wise instructions using GOD’S WORD as its source, “Your Husband” is sure to be a useful tool to both men and women before and during marriage. Marriage is one of those things that is good to get right “the first time”, if we can help it. Much love in CHRIST JESUS!


  8. …making choices contrary to God's will. I can attest to that. Still, I am thankful for those "valley" experiences, for it was there, where I found the presence of the Lord. The intense brokenness felt, during those unfavorable moments, turned me into a warrior…a front line soldier…a perseverance-driven vessel. I experienced the development of an inner beauty, in the place of my scattered ashes, along with newfound strength, in the place of my many fears. I can now lift my hands towards Heaven, in thanksgiving of the devoted potter, who molded and shaped the course of my life. In essence, I know that I am worthy of every blessing that awaits me, and through every affliction there is indeed victory.

  9. I went through almost the same. but mines was more mentaly and emotional abuse almost lost my mind. But God stepped in when i called on him . He interviened in so many ways protected me and the kids and provided. But i married mines out of ignorance in those days. the church i went through i never heard of unquallyyolked and i never new that God does have a specific spouse for each of us if we acept it. But when my ex left us and i cryed out to God i was in so much pain i knew i made a mistake .i repented and told God you pick my new husband. He started healing me and did bring me across a man. i felt he was the one .this is years later. so i went home and prayed for confirmation many times cause i needed to know that i know he is of God . And God kept confirming it. Now i can yes get married knowing God himself gave me my husband. I'm gonna be alright.

  10. Ms. Yolonda Adams I thank God for you, you’ve always been graciously testimonial, in your songs, on the radio, etc. and that is something you rarely see, especially, being famous in the Music Industry, that is why I love you so, such Genuine Essence, God Bless

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