Constructing A Cisco Entry Server

In this video you will learn how to build an access server to access the console ports of all the devices in your lab from a Cisco 2500 series router. Come with me …



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  1. Very informative video and easy yo follow. I'm having a problem trying to change devices from AS to R1 is fine but if I want to type R2, SW3 or any other device it shows Translating "SW3"…DOMAIN SERVER ( Also AS didn't respond to Crtl+Shift+6+X. Any help will be highly appreciated.

  2. Hello thx a lot for your video ! is very usefull 🙂

    but I have some issues, I wonder if it is possible to configure a router connected at the AS with copy paste ! (if I do this … putty send to quickly there are some merged lines)

  3. I am having dramas with 2600 and NM16A  I have little to know knowledge of networking so I am teaching myself but its so hard to find easy step by step instruction for this any thoughts or help or top tips would be great

  4. what is the best solution between these:
    1- using an accesss server with(for example) a router 2511
    2- USB 2.0 to Quad 4 Serial RS-232 Male Ports Adapter

    hope to receive a reply back, greetings from italy

  5. Thanks Joe for the Tutorial. This worked for me except for al small hitch.

    After doing all that if anyone is getting the error "% Connection refused by remote host" when trying to telnet either via the console server or via putty, make sure the "Overruns" are 0/0. To do that just do "clear line [LINE NUMBER]" so for example "clear line 1" will make the overruns 0/0 on the console cable# 1, "clear line 9" will clear the console cable #9…so on a so forth.

    Other than that worked like a charm.

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