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The phytosanitary recipe, an instance of use. – jj

The phytosanitary recipe, an instance of use.

In this video you can see in a practical way the use of electronic phytosanitary prescription, also known phytosanitary recipe. The set of scenes that integrate it narrates the life cycle of a phytosanitary recipe from the moment a farmer requests the intervention of the field technician, until the treatment is carried out and is reflected in the corresponding Exploitation Notebook.

Throughout it we can see how the technician locates the affected plot on the GIS system, examines the condition at the foot of the field, generates the prescription from his mobile device and transmits it to the farmer and how the farmer proceeds to withdraw the product quantity Phytosanitary prices of the warehouse, to subsequently apply the dose indicated by the Integrated Pest Management Advisor.

The tool used is aGROSLab Phytosanitary Prescription, an app developed in collaboration with the General Council of Colleges of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Spain. If you are interested you can find more information at:

The phytosanitary recipe is an essential instrument of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), understood according to the definition of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as the set of applicable principles, both in field cultivation as in subsequent industrial production, resulting in safe food and consumer products, while respecting environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The figure of the Integrated Pest Management Advisor and the “phytosanitary recipe” are essential elements to guarantee the plant health of crops, reducing the negative impact of diseases, pests and weeds on agricultural production, in a sustainable way and reducing minimum risks of affecting the environment and the health of consumers.

This video is part of the Mobile Unit program broadcast on April 6 under the title "The Future of the Field" by the Aragonese regional Aragon TV. The complete program can be seen in this link:

It was recorded thanks to the collaboration of the members and staff of the Cooperativa San Isidro de Ontinar del Salz, in the province of Zaragoza, to whom we wish to make our thanks public.

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