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  1. Because the Clintons are remember of the new World Order and have great power over Bracknell and intimidation of other people they work like the mafia they believe that the UN should be the government of America and they believe they should have a dictatorship like China who murdered hundreds of thousands of people and nothing's ever said on the world stage because most of our politicians are so busy filling their pockets with the gold from China including the Clintons these are my opinions and would you respect they are my own opinions of such people

  2. The media ignores the fact that Mr trump has openly said the Epstein is not a very nice person putting it in the we all know that the Clintons on the Clinton Foundation was a money laundering pit for those people in high office it would taking kickbacks for selling 20% of the Iranian of America and also suffered enough aid money for Haiti why are these criminals allowed to have so much power when all they do is use it to victimise the good the decent and the Christian people of America

  3. C,mon people let investigation by new eligible officials comb pedofile two owned orgie island until he is in custody and for sure we will get permition from those officials 2 see with our bare eye prove of an end era of Dems satanic Clintons clan also I can predict that high business figure will talk to investigators making deal 2 cut his prison term – will be an huge victory for victims – unfortunately big pleasurable show for rest of us little people —waiting is finished – plus even bigger question how ex FBI Aurhorities turn their wise head away of such cases – Also I can have "little" guess that Italian Ex PM Berlusconi was regular visitor of those Islands not just Clintons and princ Endrew

  4. The criminal Clinton's Blackmailed, Threatened, Bribed, lied and worse to make government and media to do their bidding! The death toll around the clinton's, the eviadense against them is plain! KILLery said she is above the law! Hanging would be generous

  5. It has always been known as the Clinton News Network, CNN is nothing but more of the same and not a respected News Network anymore, Nickelodeon had higher ratings then they have, The American People are smart enough to know the difference

  6. I've always felt that both Bill and Hillary should be put in jail for all their crimes. They have never wanted to look out for this Nation as they swore to do open their taking their paths of office. They love themselves first and foremost. The only thing that they want out of life is money.

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