Amy Winehouse forgets the phrases to her tune on the MOBO's

Amy’s shambling MOBO display September 20, 2007 AMY WINEHOUSE was back to her shambling worst last night as she won Best Female at the MOBOs.



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  1. "The Sun"? Fucking "The Sun"?! I swear, this is the worst information resource you can actually use to write a description about anybody. Lol, what I'm hearing is a clumsily censored parts of "Me and Mr. Jones". Sure, not her best performance, but even not trying she was the best that night.

  2. 2007: nahhh
    2008: hmmmm nope
    2009:said no before
    2010: no and no
    2011: maybe not
    2012: not today
    2013:I'm sure it's okay if it's a no
    2014: just not close
    2015: do you expecte me to say yes?
    2016: no to the no no
    2018: thinking
    2019: let's put this in there recommends
    I was born on 2007 btw XD

  3. I hate seing the old comments because I can only see what people said about her when she was alive:

    I wouldn't pay a single dollar to see these whore!

    She is on drugs! LOL

    She can't sing, she is ugly and a fucking alcoholic!

    She is this, and this and this…

    And I imagine what these people think now she's dead. Regret, I guess.

  4. Omg change the title of this video to something more appropirate. did you notice the entire band forgot how to play their instruments at the exact same times she forgot the words to a song that she wrote and performed over 50 times????? RIP to one of the best singers of all time and the only person that managed to relate to me and put every single emotion I've ever experienced into songs that I can listen to over and over again and NEVER get sick or annoyed of them. She's the realest singer and song writer and human being in the world today…..I wish I had learned of her before she passed away. I stumbled on to a documentary about her on YouTube 5 years ago and I've loved her ever since. I regret not seeing her in concert. we have so much in common it's not funny. BEST WISHES TO HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS that she regrettably left behind. xoxo.!!!!!!

  5. Yeah no, she totally didnt forget, it seems like some of her phrasing ran into the lines of the next lyrics, so she didn't say them. So i see what you're saying, she cut out " I shouldn't play myself again" but thats only because she was trying to keep the timing, which, speaking as a working jazz musician, is much more important and is usually recognized as a stylistic choice which this was.. or a quick way to recover and keep the time with the band. So really even though this performance was sort of below pitch in a very "technical" and "musical" sense considering the circumstances, it is still fantastic. "forgotten words" and all. and say in some weird world she did forget in this performance…SO WHAT? she's performing one of her own original songs at the MOBO she still pulled off a great performance infront of thousands… Yes she has forgotten her words before, but she didn't here. she was actually very clever here if you ask me.

  6. That comment at the end ( THEY TRIED TOO TAKE AWAY MY VISA  )was as rude as it gets who ever this crude SHAGGY shit is im wondering if he was scripted to say that? un called for had it not been for the us takeing away her visa id of gotten to see the best female artist EVER RIP JEWISH PRINCESS ……………

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