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From Aug. 3, we will begin Narrating Mission Diary Daniel Berg: God's Sent. And you who listened to the Gunnar Vingren Diary video series and were moved and built on the true stories of the church of the old days, then prepare to be further edited with the stories contained in Daniel Berg's diary: the one sent by God…
Many brothers are asking us in the comments of the videos where will be the Tabuá church of this channel? First I want to tell you that I am praying, for God to confirm, I have already received several confirmations, but that was over 10 years ago, but if God really wants us to set up this simple boarded up church, then I believe he will confirm preparing everything if otherwise I will be quiet, because to whom much is given much will be charged … So for now it is only a dream of mine and several brothers, and I have already gathered about 5,000 reais in tithes and offerings of my own. sweat without asking anyone for anything.
But I see there are a lot of brothers who are rushing me to set up this log board church, fortunately I earn little, working as a furnituremaker, and I don't have the monetized canal, and the cheapest rural land is around 30 a thousand reais with deed, and the footage is about 10 front by 25 background, so if the brothers want me to ride this little board church soon, then I ask whoever wants to help me with whatever they want by depositing in the bank account or also gather small values ​​and keep, then when I find the ideal ground and confirmed by Jesus, then I show the documents, and make a video talking about how much the value of the entry and the value of monthly installments, then who can help monthly will be contributing as soon as possible this church is ready !!! Brothers please, please do not be offended or scandalized !!! for us here on the channel to leave the bank account number here !!! the help is voluntary, the one who felt I was helping to help the Bank is Bradesco, the Account is Current, and the branch number is 1365, and the account number is 0617776-0, The account is in my name: Fernando.
And after purchasing the land we will also make video of the board church assembly, teaching other brothers from other states to set up the church on their grounds. More I'll warn you soon !!! who wants to become a member of this channel church !!! there must be at least 70% percent of the same doctrine of worship, ie the 3 harp hymns in worship and at least 4 hymns of sound doctrine in this channel must be praised, and the worship will have the reading of Matthew's new testament. the apocalypse, from January to December, so that all believers will come to know the testament that Jesus left us, because according to a survey, less than 5% of believers read the new testament, and Sunday school will not be with magazines but will be with a summary of the weekly chapter readings of the New Testament that were read by all believers during the week. And in every service an Elder will be called to preach the sound doctrine for at least 15 minutes and we will also have at least 40 to 50 minutes of preaching the word. And at least 40 minutes of prayer before any worship begins, and there will also be prayers and fasts that all members will be monitored to do in their homes at dawn.
So we will use whatsapp to bring revival to the lives of many siblings, waking them up at dawn to pray at least 1 hour, and to hear the daily reading of the new testament, and soon we will have the whatsapp group from this channel. for anyone who wants to participate in this board church, either directly or indirectly. We will have many rules and doctrines to be exposed, I will soon make a video explaining all this …
Soon we will reopen this channel church, not in order to be usurped, but in order to redeem the old model of the construction of the wood church and in order to rescue the preaching of the ancient Doctrine and the praises of the years 1950 to 1990.
And when you are ready, we will leave here the address and map of how to get to this church, God willing! And the name of this church will be the same as this Channel: Assembly of God Simple 1911 in the Sound Doctrine, we will be covenant with CGADB so that we are not seen as rebels and usurpers, because it is written that rebellion is like a sin of witchcraft, and we will not mix. with politics.
If you hear any persecution from Modern Assemblies who left the Doctrine calling us a usurper and a backyard church, I want to tell you that I have already noticed you for causing scandals against the Doctrine that I learned as it is written in Romans 16 : 17.
And the altar shall be surrounded with small trunks of trees, and the pulpit shall be also of a tree trunk, WITHOUT THESE GLASS PULPITS AND MARBLE. AND THE PREACHING IN THE CHURCH WILL BE CHRYSTOCENTRIC AND IN THE SQUARES WILL BE ABOUT THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​AND HEAVEN AND HELL …


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  1. Escândalos e mais escândalos! QUE VERGONHA! MENTIROSO esse Julio fica inventando que Jesus tá incorporando nele,falando que tem mão furada… Que Deus tenha misericórdia, Deus abençoe seu ministério irmão Assembleia de Deus 1911.

  2. Paz do Senhor Jesus! Irmão eu assisti o video, em que esse pastor diz que suas mãos estavam furadas e o que mais me indignou foi que no final do video, a mulher estava caída no chão ele põe a mão na cabeça dela e diz "eu e Jesus te libertamos"…pra mim foi o fim: onde se viu querer adicionar poder ao poder de Jesus como se ele também tivesse poder pra libertar? O nome de Jesus está acima de qualquer nome, até mesmo do dele, e a glória é somente de Jesus e Ele não divide sua glória com ninguém!!!! E muitos estão seguindo-o, que Deus nos ajude e nós livre dos falsos profetas e dos falsos Cristos que estão surgindo, amém!!

  3. AMÉM amados irmãos vejam a Blasfêmia não tem mesmo perdão veja livro do Apóstolo João capítulo 14 versículo 24 Amem você tem a semente escrita em seu coração e em sua mente há não então você é um blasfermo. ASSIM DIZ O ESPIRITO AMÉM LIVRO DE MATEUS CAPÍTULO 24 VERSÍCULO 7 E 8 AMÉM ( QUAL É A SUA NAÇÃO! QUAL É O SEU REINO? EM ME – DIGA.)

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