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The e-commerce business in India is growing rapidly. According to a report, in the current era of India, e-commerce has a market of about $ 16 billion. It is expected to reach $ 64 billion level by 2021. Meaning its market is going to grow 4 times in the next 4 years. In such a situation, the commerce market has also created many earning opportunities in India. You can run your business sitting at home with e-commerce companies. Today, we are giving you complete information about selling products by becoming a business partner with Amazon.

Chance to become a seller For this, you will have to contract with the company. The company will put your product on its website and after the sale, the money will reach your account.

This is how Amazon's sellers become

(1) For this, you have to click on Click on the service tab – Here you click on the service tab. Within this, you have to click on the tab of sell-on-amazon.

(3) How to register-You will have the option of register. Here you can generate your account through name mailid and password.

(4) Give information about your firm and company- After this you will have a new page, where you will have to fill the details related to your company and account.

(5) A small interview and became a seller- After filling some more important details, you will have to give a small interview with Amazon. After this you will have the option of dashboard. You upload your goods here and start business.

Sell ​​your products after becoming a seller

(1) First Step: List products on – After completing the registration process, you can list your products one by one or in bulk. All you need to do is upload items in bulk from web based tools and you will be ready to sell.

(2) Second step: Customers will see and buy your products – After listing your products, millions of customers can see your products on With the help of shopping, it will make the purchase and payment of Amazon products easy.

(3) Third step: Let us deliver or you deliver yourself – Amazon will inform you via email that an order has been placed for your product. All you have to do is pack your product and bring it to the customer. You can take advantage of Amazon's Fulfillment Services and Amazon Easy Ship or FBA. Where Amazon will pack and deliver the product.

There are millions of jobs for the 10th pass, this industry worth 12 lakh crores

(4) Fourth step: You will receive payment from Amazon – Your payment will be deposited in the bank account after deducting the fees of Amazon. You will get the payment information through e-mail. Amazon According to the information available on these websites, referral fees range from 8 percent to 15 percent per item. In addition, there is a referral fee of 1 to 2 dollars from different product categories.

(5) Advantage of selling online product- Opportunity to spread business across the country. Customers are able to increase their brand value by enabling customers to have a better shopping experience. Chance to reach millions of customers with one click. Payment of safe and timely payment. No fee will have to be paid for listing the product. You only have to pay for selling the product. (Limited Period Offer) There is no upfront cost to open stores on the website. You can use the e-commerce company's warehouse.

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