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Donald J. Trump/IT'S ABOUT TO BLOW! GET YOUR POP CORN! 7.16.20 – jj

Donald J. Trump/IT'S ABOUT TO BLOW! GET YOUR POP CORN! 7.16.20

MEGA #TRUMP #SPYGATE #FoxNews #WalkAway “Audio & Video Credit”‘ Music © HeydonmusicPage DEMOS OF THE BAND F U S E ! that i did. How Deep …


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  1. ben shapiro making jewish people look bad this loser is a two faced back stabbing clown benny boy go crawl back under the rock where you came from loser and dont go away mad just go away flip flopper bitch boy

  2. Thank you HeydenMusicpage, for another beautiful and meaningful piece of patriotic truth, honor and Christian love, with integrity. Your talent, hard work, and artistry, represent so many mediums, that are rolled into your much needed platform. We value, and look forward to, what you constantly bring to all of us. God Bless you, and God Bless America!

  3. @ivangrap and @nastyadonna, Thank you for your perfect pitch, not just musically but the musical relationship between the two of you. Your voices are as one. May God continue to use you in a beautiful way. Your own music is like Pink Floyd singing Jim Morrisson! I love it!

  4. This is not red or blue or any other colour, liberal or conservatives, old or young.
    This is about critical thinkers. This is about the complete acceptance of the truth. His name is Truth.

    God is the biggest trigger meister of them all! Satan's whelps are panicking!


  5. The View is in the rear view mirror projecting webworks, spreading false narritive, about the you can leave tweet,full bull blown up crap, Conservative Ladies, this is the audience that need a bar of soap to wash out the filthyness of their deceitfullness

  6. After you get over your joy.,.deal with illan Omar's nasty hateful speech this morning, I got so sick listening to her hate had to shut it off. This person got in our country by trickery and married her brother to get him in our country now disrespects our president in the face of the people

  7. I realize that HMP needs a day off once in awhile, but am I the only one that gets nervous when there is no HMP, LIKE YESTERDAY?? I worry that the CENSORS are gunning for the great PATRIOTIC posts, like HMP. I got plenty mad when THE Scum of the earth threatened mini-AOC out of doing parodies. I will flip out if they ever remove HMP. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, THANKS!!!,

  8. mueller just needs more time to get his lies straight. hes a freaking dirty rotten traitor. from day one. hes a disgrace, and he owes the american people 40 million dollars. he knew all along it was a damn fraud. you owe us you freaking traitor mueller.

  9. the demoncrats are the ones telling people to come here to lie to come here, are you kidding me, and that rep who is sending lawyers down there to have these illegals lies should be arrested. come on she they are breaking our laws. we do have freaking laws.

  10. i think our president has been nice enough to these anti american slobs, thats whats great about our country, you can buy a one way ticket the hell out of here. i think hes been too nice for almost three years, slander, libel, out right lies. the border. the violence against fellow americans who support him and our country. too nice. i agree get the hell out of here. bye bye. im sick of their hate and lunacy already.

  11. The radicals Omar,. Cortez Talib etc., are too stupid to realise how they are being used by Pelosi and the rest of the swamp. They are being used as the attack dogs and as a distraction to what the swamp is really up to. Do the radicals think for one minute that IF the demonrats ever came into power again (God forbid) that they would keep their jobs? The demonrat party would have these radicals out of their jobs before they knew what was happening.

  12. Here’s a simple solution to that pesky problem with the voter rolls. Either they clean up the rolls, or they forfeit the number of votes that are over and above the number of registered voters, regardless of who is, or is not, voting. Maybe that will light a fire under their seats and give them the incentive they need to correct the problem.

  13. I don't know about Y'all, I don't even watch my local news… anymore…. We know where the Truth come from.. Media's brainwashing programs no longer have Control of Information, thus they will STOP at Nothing to Silence the words of truth, Every way that they can do it they Will, the only thang is that We are Sheep No More…and Getting Stronger by the day. WWG1WGAWW!

  14. @Potus could have been talking about ANYBODY in that tweet. The pod squad took it upon themselves to expose how insulted they were and claim racism/racist occupier. Hell he could have been talking about Rosie O'Donnel, Meryl Streep, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Harvey Weinstein, Robert DeNiro or anyother Hollyweird (white) pedophilles……they all hate America, and have threatened to leave. but yet, 2 1/2 years later still here and screaming racism.
    I stand with President Trump and will in 2020.

  15. did you see berkley, they had a no whites allowed day, what a disgrace, they should have any and all government money pulled, for discrimination, and white students apologizing for being white, seriously, they should apologize for being so freaking stupid, and they attend a university, wow, disgusting, mlk wouldnt care for that at all. demoncrats freaking racists shits.

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