electrical energy charges improve as much as seven % in madhya pradesh | Electrical energy turns into costly on this state, new costs will probably be relevant from August 17


Bhopal : The Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has increased the electricity rates. Has increased the electricity rate of domestic, non-domestic and commercial customers. The new rates will be applicable from 17 August. The state electricity companies had suggested a 12 percent increase in electricity rates, but the commission has increased the electricity rates by seven percent. The commission decided on the new electricity rates on Thursday night. According to the new rates, the electricity rates of domestic connections have been increased by 5.1 percent, the rate of non-domestic connections by 4.9 percent and the rate of business connections by seven percent.

Maximum rate Rs 6.50 per unit
Five slabs for electricity consumers have been fixed by the commission, according to which the domestic consumer will get Rs 3.25 per unit on monthly usage up to 30 units, Rs 4.05 per unit on electricity usage up to 50 units, 51 to 150 units on usage. Rate of Rs 4.95 per unit, Rs 6.30 per unit for use of 151 units to 300 units and Rs 6.50 per unit will be paid for using more than 300 units of electricity. .

20 to 30 paise per unit increase
If we look at the five slabs made by the Commission for the determination of electricity rates, then it shows that there has been an increase of 20 to 30 paise per unit against the old rates. Earlier there were four slabs, now five slabs have been made. On the one hand, while electricity rates have been increased, there has been no change in the rates of temporary electricity connections for matrimonial gardens, organizing social and matrimonial programs, religious ceremonies.

Similarly, the electricity rates of e-vehicles and e-rickshaws charging centers have also been maintained. In addition, agricultural consumers will have to pay Rs 700 per horsepower per year in addition to the subsidy, while agricultural consumers above 10 horsepower will have to pay Rs 1400 per year in addition to the subsidy.

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