Gusttavo Lima РOdor of Half Esp Eduardo Costa Shampoo Р[Ao Vivo Em Ṣo Paulo] (Official Clip)

This song is part of the DVD of singer Gusttavo Lima "Ao Vivo Em São Paulo".

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Smell of Shampoo (Cecilio Nena)

You give me a kiss
And ask to wait
Get in your bath
He says he's going to bed
Leave the door open
Take off your clothes
I keep looking at everything
Mouth watering

But these minutes seem
Well over an hour
You don't come, you delay
And keep stroking your whole body
So the desire to love
Ignites my chest
I can not wait
There's no other way
Diving too
With you in the shower

And this wet love
Make it all happen
You make me excited
To give you more pleasure
And covered with foam
Your naked body
The two of us under the shower
Love smelling of shampoo.


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