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Well being advantages of bhuna chana in hindi, each day eat 50 gram | Stand up and eat 50 grams of roasted gram each day within the morning, it will likely be superb in 7 days – jj

Well being advantages of bhuna chana in hindi, each day eat 50 gram | Stand up and eat 50 grams of roasted gram each day within the morning, it will likely be superb in 7 days


new Delhi : You may have missed the taste of asafetida with the name of roasted gram. If you only eat gram to taste, then include them in your routine. Yes, the consumption of roasted gram daily benefits your body in many ways. It is nutritious and removes constipation of the stomach. Let me tell you that there are two types of gram available in the market, without peels and peels. Try to eat gram without peels. Gram peels are also good for health.

Carbohydrates, protein, moisture, calcium, iron and vitamins are found in plenty in fried grams. By reading about the benefits of eating roasted gram, perhaps a question is also arising in your mind that how much gram should be eaten by a healthy person every day. In this regard, Dr. Himanshi Sharma, Senior Dietician of Indian Spinal Injury Center, Vasant Kunj, says that a healthy person should consume 50 to 60 grams of chanas daily. It is beneficial for his health in many ways.

Increases immunity
If you eat 50 grams of roasted gram in breakfast daily or before lunch, it increases the immunity of the body. Due to increasing immunity, you not only avoid many diseases, but also because of this you do not have to face physical problems often when the weather changes.

Reduce fat
If you or someone in your family is obese then eating roasted gram will be very beneficial for them. Eating roasted gram daily provides relief in obesity. Its intake helps in melting excess fat from the body.

Get rid of urinary disease
The use of roasted chickpeas helps in getting rid of diseases related to urination. Those who have the problem of frequent urination should take gram with jaggery daily. You will see that it will give relief in a few days.

Remove impotence
Eating with roasted gram milk removes the thinness of the sperm and thickens semen. If a man's semen is thin, eating gram will give relief. Eating roasted gram with honey removes impotence and increases masculinity. Leprosy is also eradicated by eating roasted gram.

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Constipation relief
People who have constipation problem, they get lot of relief by eating gram daily. Constipation is the cause of many diseases in the body. When you are constipated, you feel sluggish throughout the day and remain upset.

Increased digestion
Gram is balanced on digestive power and also increases brain power. Chana cleans blood, which improves skin. Gram has phosphorus which increases the level of hemoglobin and removes extra salt from the kidney.

Beneficial in diabetes
Eating roasted gram is also beneficial in diabetes. Roasted chickpea absorbs glucose so that diabetes disease is controlled. Eating roasted chickpea daily for diabetes patients reduces blood sugar levels. Apart from this, chewing roasted gram at night while sleeping and drinking hot milk cures many diseases of respiratory tract.

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