Love Crimson Meat? Beware! It Might Enhance The Danger Of Breast Most cancers; Says Research | Watch out for consuming purple meat, there could also be a threat of breast most cancers


new Delhi: Red meat can be attractive to people due to its taste, but no one can ignore the health risks associated with it. Researchers have found that eating red meat may increase the risk of breast cancer, while chicken meat may prove to be protective. Dale P. Sandler, from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the US, said, "Red meat has been identified as a potential carcinogen. Our study found more evidence that red meat is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer." While poultry was found to be associated with less risk. "

The findings of the research have been published in the International Journal of Cancer. For the study, the researchers analyzed information on 42,012 women eating different types of meat and cooking it. This analysis was done on average for 7.6 years. During this time, 1,536 invasive breast cancers were identified.

It was found that increased consumption of red meat was associated with an increased risk of invasive breast cancer. According to research, women who consumed the most meat had a 23 percent higher risk compared to women who consumed the least amount of meat. Conversely, increased consumption of poultry was found to be associated with lower risk of breast cancer.

In this, women who used it in the highest quantity saw a 15 percent lower risk than those who used less. The chances of breast cancer were found to be even lower for women consuming chicken (chicken) in place of red meat.

Parag Kumar, a surgical oncology consultant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, told IANS, "Processed meat is usually made of red meat, but also contains nitrates and nitrites, which later break down into carcinogens." It is given that no more than 455 grams of cooked red meat should be consumed in a week. "

Rashmi Sharma, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology (Breast Services) at Narayanan Super Specialty Hospital in Gurugram, however, said that red meat is an important source of micronutrients like iron and zinc, along with good quality protein.

Sharma told IANS, "Pregnant women need good quality protein for fetal development, but red meat increases their chances of developing breast cancer. So women use chicken to get protein Also, breast cancer should also be avoided.

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