Mom accused of intentionally injuring toddler in crash for insurance coverage cash


SHREVEPORT – Authorities have charged a woman accused of intentionally injuring a child in order to collect insurance money.

Louisiana State Police received a criminal referral and began investigating 38-year-old Diedra Lee. Authorities say Lee and her toddler were passengers on a Shreveport bus when it was involved in a crash.

Lee attempted to gain payments for bodily injuries for herself and the child which Lee claimed were a result of the crash.

Through an investigation, authorities discovered that Lee intentionally caused her child’s head to hit the seat in front of them. The investigation also revealed that Lee knowingly presented false information in an attempt to defraud an insurance company. 

Troopers located Lee at a convenience store earlier this week and arrested her. Lee was charged with cruelty to a juvenile and two counts of insurance fraud.

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