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Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage numbers – jj

Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage numbers

eNCA’s Rofhiwa Madzena unpacks the NHI in numbers. Courtesy #DStv403



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  1. I dont like this at all.. Government must stop running away from the responsibilities of providing for Public hospitals.. Coz it seems lyk they're givin taxpayers even more responsibilities nw.. Already a lot of percentages are deducted from th taxpayers .. And again imagine trustin th government with ur medical Aid.. Another loadsheddin like Eskom ?‍♀️… *opinion *

  2. Can you imagine the governmentcontrolling the health care system. Another post ovffice, eskom, saa, sabc etc etc. the only thing they can control is bribery and corruption. Another soe to be plundered. Comments by sid allen

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