Pakistan will combat for chemical after commerce friendship break up with india | Pakistan should break friendship with India, the place will it deliver chemical? Pakistan should break friendship with India, the place will it deliver chemical


Ahmedabad: Pakistan has invited economic recession by prohibiting trade relations with India. Most of Pakistan's industries depend on India. Maximum material of textile industry of Pakistan goes from India. Apart from this, the chemical also goes from India. Due to the ban on business relations, it will have a huge impact.

The removal of Article 370 from Kashmir has a direct impact on the relations between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has announced to stop trading relations with India without thinking anything. Seeing from Gujarat's view, many chemical industrialists of Gujarat used to export chemical in Pakistan. Pakistan has stopped payment of nearly 1000 crores to those doing these industries due to the announcement of closing the trade.

The loss of business of Gujarat Chemical Industries will certainly result in loss, but Pakistan will have to bear much loss. According to the member of Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturing Association of Gujarat, Chinchan Bhai, no chemical can be supplied to Pakistan at cheaper and 6 months credit from India. If Pakistan calls for chemical from another country, it will cost 25 to 30 percent.

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According to the Gujarat Dyes Staffing Manufacturing Association, India has exported more than 3600 crores chemical to Pakistan in 2018-19. There are five to seven types of chemical exports from India.

If we look at the amount of chemical exported in Pakistan in the last five years:
Year amount: in crores
2014-15: 1644.10
2015-16: 1300.42
2016-17: 2140.01
2017-18: 2377.34
2018-19: 3656.29

Pakistan's textile industry is competing directly with Bangladesh and Vietnam. According to the officials of the Dice Stuff Manufacturing Association, Pakistan's textile industry will be huge. Pakistan had already washed India's tomatoes and peppers by ceasing trade with India, now it seems that the textile industry of Pakistan will be affected by the closure of chemical exports.

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