RARE MALCOLM X LECTURE – On Girls, Marriage, Management & Examine



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  1. Im not a muslim, not black, but i learn so much from this man!! And im forever gratefull to discover this true human being. A fighter, a soldier, the one who has 'sacrificed' his life for millions and millions. If u only put yourself back from the politics which he was right about, you see how much u can learn and use in your life. Thank you Malcolm!!

  2. This man was speaking truth and its relevant to today. As man who been in several relationships that went no where because they women I was dating provided nothing but sexual exchange but I wanted more than that … let me see how you think and feel deeply about the things that what turns me on ? …. give me something to be proud of

  3. There are in this SOCIETY and NATION to whom the TONIAL QUALITY of a HUMAN BEINGS SKIN has never was IMPORTANT ,the CONTENT of the QUALITY of there CHARACTER as a HUMAN BEING was all over that MATTERED in LIFE . So then TRANSCENDED the COLOR SPECTRUM. MALCOLM X was one these HUMAN BEINGS , YOIU may not have AGREED with everything he said , even if YOU HATED what he said still YOU almost had to LISTEN for in LIFE he TAUGHT and EDUCATED ,and the WORDS which LEFT behind in taken in LIFE by those who FEARED and WORDS ,They are still HERE though still TEACHING others ev n though he himself is gone . He was not only one though there are whom have LONG AGO LEFT , but they did the SAME the WORDS of TRUTH they SPOKE that many FEARED are still here , still EDUCATING and SHAPING and MOLDING others to be better MEN and WOMEN Is LIFE not WORST ones so the WORDS of TRUTH are still FEARED , but now more then ever.

  4. Hi edagdwg love hearing about what we need to do as a better person help both of you as a family we not me God at work ???? love yourself than you can help Linda j. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. yikes, X. He's got the horse before the cart. Faulting women in his age for lack of intellectual sophistication as adults. Gotta account for social and cultural factors that devalued women's ed from the time they were girls. You can't shame a person into higher intelligence. Has to start in early childhood.

  6. Is it possible that Nation of Islam leaders were cooperating the intelligence agencies. and had a hand in Brother Shabazzs assassination. The three alleged Black shooters were noi members. Why is Farrakhan still allowed to exercise the same Powers and live unless by price? Brother Malcolm was truly for us and paid the ultimate price. We must collectively use our powers to carry on his vision inherited from our ancestors

  7. That's what made me fall deeper in love with my wife, her heart and mind! I was attracted to her physically but our conversations is what kept me. She's not only caring and loving towards others (she's a RN) but she's also working on her Masters Degree. I'm a former street hustler turned union construction worker with a degree in business and working on my degree in construction management so I have street and book smarts…we can't have nothing but deep meaningful convo's because we stay educating ourselves. #BlackLoveMatters

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