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Reset area Admin password on a Home windows Server 2008 with solely the official DVD set up – jj

Reset area Admin password on a Home windows Server 2008 with solely the official DVD set up

Reset domain Admin password on a Windows Server 2008 with only the official DVD install.



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  1. I had a HP Proliant Blade server with Win 2008 Enterprise locked down for about six months becouse I forgot the password and diden't really want to re-load everything again.This Solution Fixed my problem an hour after I found the YouTube Vid!! Thank you..for your Wisdom and Help.

  2. Hi
    I have server 2008 Standard and I can log in the computer when i log domain administrator, but when I try to log local in the computer, I cannot do it, because I do not know password.

    with this procedure, I can change the password local administrator?

    Thanks a lot by your help.

  3. Yeah security violations like this is exactly why any domain administrator worth his salt in IT uses full hard drive encryption on his domain controllers..  Also this method is not the only way I happen to know of quite a few holes I have not shared.  😉

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  5. hello … when the minute 1:58 you click wind + u in my case appears the menu for the blind people (contrast, brightness, etc. ..) I have not done the steps before and I'm trying to press the shortcut to the home screen prompt of windows server. .. we are sure that if I do the whole procedure from the beginning then I get the prompt to continue? thank you! great job!

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