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  1. Kudos to Rory – indeed, I was DEAD wrong. A win for the ages and astounding display. I will, however, say that Congressional was NOT set up as a U.S. Open typically is… the rough was NOT like it was back when the Open truly was the toughest examination in all of golf. Nonetheless, Rory was a marvel and I can admit I was wrong – completely wrong.

  2. @jpsartrean Oh thats just too funny.. Have stumbled across your gem of a post… Masters nearly proved you wrong and showed his greatness potential.. Congressional sealed it.. He is special, he is rated and he is here to stayFeel that??? Its the egg dripping of your face bruv 😉

  3. @INCHMARLODC At the end of the day The Open and The Masters were what i would call a practice major, if everyone out there thinks you are going to win your first major on your first attempt in contention… YOUR WRONG! It will take a few more majors yet but it will come! 🙂

  4. @x1R1SHxG0LF3Rx 50 mph winds at the home of golf and you call it a collapse? Daft, no one collapses on friday. Sunday you might have had a case.. Nearly everyone out at the same time scored in the high 70s low 80s.

  5. @jpsartrean You obviously did not watch the tournament. He was completely blown out in round two, had no chance.. If Louis had gone out the same time there would have been a different winner that weekend, and everyone knows it.. But thats the beauty of golf..

  6. @jpsartrean whaa? the collapse? dude Rory hasnt even been playing as long as sergio in the spot lights. Its one of the first seasons hes played so many championships, his career has only begun, comparing him to Sergio is horrible.

  7. @INCHMARLODC to jpsartrean's point, Sergio's short game and putting were the envy of the golf world when he came along in the late 90's. Everyone considered him a fun loving kid without arrogance and was a 'can't miss' to duel Tiger Woods for years to come in Major championships. So, when the next great Euro-baby comes along, we're skeptical to say the least. McIlroy certainly has mad game, but Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, as well as Sergio had mad game, too.

  8. @jpsartrean haha don't make me laugh. with the upmost respect – you're talking out your arse! This boy is the future! not only is his swing absolutely impeccable but his short game shines out like a diamond ring, Sergio has possibly the worst attitude of a professional golfer I have ever seen but Rory's behaviour and attitude on the golf course is immaculate, not to mention Sergio's awful touch around the greens. Don't doubt people like Rory, he's gonna be something special, don't be so jealous!

  9. @jpsartrean I love listening to all the doubters and haters rant on about people like Rory, this kid came from the most humble of backgrounds in Northern Ireland, his Mum and Dad held down 2 jobs each to help finance his golf as a junior, his dad in particular worked all day, and then all night in a bar. He now drives a Lamborghini at the age of 21, and his parents now live in a huge house and want for nothing. What car do drive?….lol

  10. @jpsartrean Then again, the British is at Royal St. George's next year, and if Norman and even Ben Curtis can win there, maybe McIlroy will have a shot…. Sorry, but he'll definitely never win at Augusta though – his putting is trash.

  11. I do appreciate both McIlroy's etiquette as well as his swing, I just think he is over-hyped (or at least at this point). 63 is amazing…. but coughing up an 80 the following day is just as (un)impressive. A major in the next 12 months? He shot 74-77 to miss the cut at Augusta earlier this year, and 75-77 to miss the cut at the U.S. Open. More likely he shoots 90 at Whistling Strait in the upcoming PGA as opposed to winning imho. Zero chance to win at Augusta nor Congressional in 2011.

  12. Awesome Video, great choice of music, and a lesson in the art of the golf swing for anyone in the world to copy, and I mean anyone. Swing at 3.39 is pure genius. This is how a (small ish) man can generate such immense power. Pure class Rory!

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