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Seinfeld – Interfaith Marriage – jj

Seinfeld – Interfaith Marriage

Elaine goes to a priest with her boyfriend when she has an issue with her boyfriend’s belief that she will be going to hell.



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  1. Seriously, bro. I doubt you have much of a life since you seem to be here constantly, usually spouting off some sexist, idiotic comment. It's fine if you don't like this actress, but it's a bit silly to spend your life constantly looking up videos of her just to insult her.

  2. Her dad isn't even close to being a billionaire and it's unlikely that she'll inherit that much of his fortune as he is heavily involved in charity work and she's a multi-millionaire in her own right.

    Also, her latest tv show was recently renewed for a third season. Her series before that lasted for five seasons. Her other tv series(the only one that was ever really a failure) lasted for two seasons. I mean, seriously, it takes five seconds to look her up on IMDB. How dumb can you get?

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