Shaking fingers with Nada means that COA and CEO settle for their mistake. Becoming a member of fingers with NADA an admission of administrative failure by CoA & CEO


new Delhi: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Chief Executive Officer Rahul Johri has on Friday guaranteed to the Sports Ministry that it will work under the National Anti-Doping Association (NADA). This move of BCCI is a surprise as the board had been opposing the coming under NADA for a long time, but eventually the sports ministry won in this case. Now BCCI officials believe that Indian cricket lost due to the current administration of the board.

A senior BCCI official said that the way things have happened during the COA is hopeless and coming under NADA is like throwing the last nail in the coffin.

The official said, "This is nothing but an administrative mistake made by the BCCI CEO and the COA. The CEO gets more than five crores annually and he gets a bonus of five crores as well, but the administration in him The BCCI could not do the right thing about the anti-doping program, especially in the case of Prithvi Shaw recently. "

"This step (joining hands with Nada) may have been taken so that the investigation in Shaw's case is avoided. The media reports also suggest that Shaw's suspension to the selectors," the official said. Did not even know about it. CEOs cannot avoid investigation on such negligence. Also those who decide on this, cannot join hands with Nada and avoid investigation of negligence. "

The official said, "This decision is part of the policy and the CEO is not in a position to take such a decision. Also I feel that some false assurances have been given."

BCCI has joined hands with NADA, leaving behind the age-old airs, which means that NADA will investigate the doping of all BCCI cricketers.

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