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Red sandalwood farm units@
Podhili, Chinnarikatal Village, Prakasam District
With over 720 farm units in 180 acres …
Each farm unit consists of
100 red sandalwood plantation in 22 cents @just Rs. 6,50,000 /

*Company is Pvt Ltd …*

Prakasam district is identified as mother’s land for RedSandle cultivation by the scientists.
The soil in this area consists of silica, dhorium that will be sutable for RedSandle cultivation.

Company Maintains up to 10 years. Without taking a single rupee from the customer.

*50:50 profit ratio will be shared by the company to customer after 10 years*

*Company Features*: –

1. RedSandle harvesting by cendriya method.

2. Diamond and solar fencing around.

3. Monitoring with CC cameras.

4. Tower light facility to farm 4 direction.

5. Watchman 24 X 7.

6. Security with Licensed Gun Men.

7. Drip irrigation Water Facility.

8. Enough bores.

9. Permanent Current Facility.

10. Customers guest House Provision.

11. Each farm unit as 22 cents.

12. With 100 red sandalwood plants.

13. Monitoring with Scientists.

14.Agriculture Insurance for each Farm Unit as per insurance norms beyond 5 years

15. The name plates of the owner of that unit are mounted on each form unit.

16. 100% Vastu practice.

17. After 8 years, dog squade security.

18. Very close to National Highway.

19. Roads 20 feet wide.

20. Located just 18 kms from Donakonda, which is an industrial area of ​​Nayandhra Pradesh.

Red sandalwood grows in Andhra Pradesh as the number one forest in Nallamala and Seshachala forests in Nellore, Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor and Anantapur districts.
Red Sand (Red Gold) Value :-
  1. A grade: 19500/1 kg

  2. B Grade: 10000/1 kg

  3. C Grade: 6000/1 kg.

If 2000 kg of red sandalwood crashes into 1 liters of terro libelen oil, 1 liter of terro libelen costs Rs. 25,000,000
(Two crores fifty lakh rupees)

Uses of red sandalwood: –

1. Cosmetics: Used in the manufacture of musical instruments in alcoholic industries.

     2. Red sandalwood is used as a coolant oil to reduce radioactivity in nuclear reactors in China, Japan and Japan.

     3. Red sandalwood is widely used in medicines like cancer and Viagra. Soaps, Perfumes, Spinach and Furniture
     4. The statues of Goddess Lakshmi with red sandalwood are considered auspicious in China, Japan, Indonesia, etc.

5. China and Nepal are the most widely used Buddha statues in the world.

     6. Red sandal The scientific name terrokarban semtolinan is known as the Red Sandal.

Where Red Sandalwood is harvested: –
       In Andhra Pradesh, red sandalwood is the first and foremost species in the forests of Nallamala Seshachala in the districts of Prakasam, Nilambur, Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor and Anantapur.
Red sandalwood is in high demand in countries like China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.
Red sandalwood is in high demand in countries like China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.
In the Andhra Pradesh region, red sandalwood is strongly increased due to the presence of two nutrients such as silica and thorium in the lower part of Prakasam district.
The rules that the company gives to the customer are: –
1. Flat booked and registered as soon as the cost is paid.

2. The name of the farmer is recorded in the Revenue Record 10-1.

3. The graduate passbook is issued by the Revenue Officers.
For more details contact:
Project Director



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