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"The View" Talks about Homosexual Marriage & Proposition 8 – jj

"The View" Talks about Homosexual Marriage & Proposition 8

The ladies on “The View” talk about Gay marriage and civil unions. They also discuss Proposition 8 that was recently voted on by the people of California and …



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  1. Lord that speech impediment ? Thank you abc for showing “Bar-ba-vra va door”. As for Sherri I don’t think she knows the temperature of the room. I wonder if she lives on Sesame Street. Sherri has a degree in being a moron.

  2. I have never seen such entitled people my entire life. Fat ass Sherri Shepherd and dumbass Elisabeth Hasselbeck acting like their religious views should dictate what the rest of the country does! Get over yourself people

  3. Oh and look at the school system now. Teaching children about homosexuality and transgenderism. Gender confusion insanity.
    And the cake supreme court lawsuit.
    You could be gay, Trans or whatever. But I don't want to be forced to talk or think agianst what the bible says.

  4. Honestly regardless of if you agree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her political views or not, I think it is fair to say she is the most articulate of all the women on the panel, and cites the moat fact in her debate discussion points.

  5. I think that putting it down to a generic vote on same sex marriage is like opening up voting on the next US presedential election to the whole world. Why should the straight majority be given the ability to outvote Gay people on their own rights?

  6. oh sherri, selective christian. she's eating all the shellfish at the buffet but two people who wanna get married ain't right. if you're gonna stand for something, follow the book as it was written otherwise you just look like a fake bigot.

  7. I don’t understand why black Americans cling so fiercely to Christianity. This is something that was forced on y’all by slave owners. You think they were wrong for everything EXCEPT religion? Religion was their excuse for slavery!

  8. My religion says white men/black men/black women need to be segregated and if they say a word like, "hi", they are sinners. Its my religion and my belief. Don't take away my rights from discriminating them based on my religion. Stupid people. It's annoying to see a black woman against gay marriage. We of all people should understand other minorities. I wanna slap that woman face for talking about fearing her pastor getting fired.ugh

  9. We have a very short time on this earth and I can't for the life of me understand why people are so concerned with what other choose to with their lives. If gay people want to get married then let them…i mean most straight marriages end in divorce anyway so who are they to preach the bible when it's against divorce. Live and let live…im a gay man and if I want to get married then I'll take my chances when I die that God or Jesus or who ever will be pissed off at me but until then I'm not going to fear what I can't see…feel or hear.

  10. Weddings are not marriages. Weddings are ceremonies. Marriages are CONTRACTS. Weddings are more free and can be conducted in many different settings, in many different ways, and for many different fees. Marriage is more regulated and is a document, which is conducted by the state, through the state, and for state-granted benefits. Marriage isn't solely religious. Keep your religion out of our laws.

  11. im watching this in 2018 and OHMYGOSH this is insaaaaneee! Seeing how controversial it was for the time to think that gay people could be married is so eye-opening in how much has changed the past eight years. It's really shookening to see how young some equal rights are in this country. :))))))

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