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What’s DevOps? – In Easy English – jj

What’s DevOps? – In Easy English

Simple explanation of DevOps without the complications and information overload. — what do you think? Please share & comment! DevOps is a concept with …



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  1. Coders are a dime a dozen, easily outsourced overseas for few dollars an hour. It's twice as cheap as a burger flipper in NY city. All software creation will be eventually low wage as millions of new programmers each year through online learning.

  2. I don't understand why 'Dev-Ops' a thing. If we deploy Microservies over cloud, everyone is forced to adapt to a system like 'Dev-ops'. You don't have to think of 'Dev-Ops' as a special thing.. it comes your way anyway

  3. Ok, and what's the difference to scrum?
    Shouldn't they as well write small chunks of code, test it and release it?

    And why is there such a big focus an "development environment" vs "production environment" shouldn't the devolpment environment of course always be (as much as) like the production environment?

  4. How can you automate all testing? The Jenkins website says it is under construction – can something be that cutting edge they haven't even approved the text yet???
    From what I read on there it seems like a test harness is required to test using Jenkins which I can see could work for unit testing and some basic integration testing (no real difference to what's been done for the past 20 years just a new tool to do it with) but how can you automate full e2e system testing or UserAcceptanceTesting or OperationsAcceptanceTesting or testing with a supplier eg trade throughput at a bank
    Testing is glossed over in this video showing how 'simple' it is to save the company money.  
    I think everyone understands that no money is ever generated by testing but its thorough testing that should stop you having issues (both major or minor) being visible to the customer.

  5. Simple explanation: DevOps is in charge of put together all pieces of code from all development teams in a production environment. this environment is specific design to have all project information, and quickly release a build mainly for testers to verify… developers are only notified if one of their changes affected the build. This way Developers can continue working and are just interrupted in this case, letting DevOps the task to find the issues from Developers. A Project only need 1 or 2 DevOps

  6. I think I am missing something crucial if the primary objectives of DevOps is (a) time efficiency to push a release and (b) ensuring that what is deployed in prod behaves the same way as in dev or qa, let's call this accuracy. Let me explain. I find the most amount of time that is spent on pushing out bug fixes or features is the QA cycle. So, even if you adopted agile to push just one apparently innocuous change, you cannot depend on the developer to do his/her unit testing and say, we are good to go to production. The QA person, who is impartial, will say, sorry dudes/dudettes, but I have to run regression testing. That means running through all the test cases again to ensure that the one change does not effect anything else the developer might not have thought about. So, in the QA cycle, time savings really comes down to, can you automate regression testing.which is far, far more difficult than automating other aspects of DevOps such as pushing out the code to prod or generating another instance of a prod machine or … And writing automated testing is extremely expensive for a lot of orgs that are not producing commercial software, but are developing an app in-house, for example, hence the need for humans to go through the test cases manually. Help, me out folks, am I missing something in my understanding of virtues of DevOps, assuming QA is the big elephant i the room?

  7. "What can be done to help Dave and Anna work better together? After all they all want the same thing: Happy Customers???" WRONG!! They both want to keep their jobs so Anna being at a big disadvantage, will do anything to sabotage Dave.

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