66th Nationwide Movie Awards: Producer Priyanka Chopra congratulates the group of 'Paani' | Priyanka Chopra will get emotional on the information of Nationwide Award, praises the 'Paani' group heartily


new Delhi: Priyanka Chopra even though now Hollywood star and daughter-in-law abroad Has been done, but still their mind is felt by the soil of this country. Like every artist, the National Award they receive from the government of this country is nothing less than a prized gift.

Priyanka Chopra's Marathi production film 'Pani' Has won the National Award for Best Film in the Environment Conservation category. For this, actress-producer Priyanka congratulated the film's director Adinath Kothare as well as the film's production team.

Priyanka said, "Although Adinath stepped into the direction of directing this film, I knew that the pressure would be on him to understand it and finally we have earned the National Award by our own hard work. I love Adinath and his creative team and Purple is proud of its team at Pebble Pictures (PPP). Recognizing our hard work and 'Paani' has won the Best Film in the Environment Conservation category. To Rskar I am grateful to the jury. "

Priyanka added, "We started PPP with the intention of creating real stories. We wanted to entertain people and tell local stories with a purpose. We wanted to talk about those issues, Which we all are facing today. 'Paani' is a film of the same kind. "

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Earlier, Priyanka's Marathi production film 'Ventilator' won three National Awards in the year 2016. (Also from input IANS)

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