Apple has unusual, entrancing ASMR movies on its YouTube channel that don’t have anything to do with …

Apple has a playlist on YouTube comprising of four extremely relaxing and utterly mesmerizing “ASMR” videos, and they seemingly have nothing to do with Apple or its products.

“ASMR” stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” ASMR audio and videos are designed to be sensory experiences, where focused, high quality sound of certain things like a whispering voice, or “quiet repetitive sounds of a mundane task” are designed to create “tingly” feelings throughout a listener’s body, according to Wikipedia. ASMR videos are popular, but the phenomena has yet to be officially recognized by medical professionals.

Apple suggests listening and watching the videos with headphones, which is typically recommended when listening to ASMR audio.

The videos are between six to ten minute long, and they’re extremely relaxing — almost therapeutic. So far, these videos have been extremely effective in chilling me out.

There’s nothing directly about Apple itself or its products in the videos. Perhaps Apple just wants all of us to chill out? Or perhaps it’s advertising that its iPhones can capture great ASMR videos.

Either way, check out the videos below:

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