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BCCI beneath NADA, CEO Rahul Johri and Saba Karim are thought-about reponsible. BCCI beneath the purview of NADA: These two officers are being held accountable – jj

BCCI beneath NADA, CEO Rahul Johri and Saba Karim are thought-about reponsible. BCCI beneath the purview of NADA: These two officers are being held accountable


new Delhi: After all Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Came under the National Doping Agency (NADA). BCCI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rahul Johri and Cricket Manager General Manager Saba Karim, who refused to come under NADA for many years, met Sports Secretary Radheshyam Jhulania and NADA Director General Naveen Aggarwal on Friday and under the anti-doping body Agreed to come BCCI officials are considering it a defeat of Indian cricket due to the current administration of the board.

Both officers should have put their side firmly
If people inside the BCCI agree, then both of them have lost Indian cricket. A board official said that Johri and Karim could have tried to convince the Sports Secretary that it was not the right time to take a decision on the policy and if they were asked not to get approval for future series. These two should have put their side. Earlier, the BCCI strongly opposed bringing itself under the ambit of NADA, due to which there was a confrontation between the BCCI and the Sports Ministry.

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The official said, "In the NADA test, the jeweler and Saba failed Indian cricket. The excuse that is being given is that the law should have been followed. The surprising thing is that suddenly it is the right path But where did the importance of walking got in the mind and people did not even wait for the elections to be held. If we can wait so long then why not another few months. "

Rahul Johari

IPL will also be under NADA
He said, "Whatever happens on Indian soil will be under the NADA. Therefore, the IPL, all international players, everything will be under the NADA. It clearly shows that two members have failed." Another official said that this information was taken very poorly in an attempt to put soil on the matter of both of them and Prithvi Shaw. The official said, "You should have done your homework. They should have been aware of the code of WADA and NADA. They should have been aware of the cases which have been in Indian cricket for a long time and also should have been known that Why the BCCI was not yet coming under the Nada, but these two have no information. "

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The officer said, "Shaw's case was handled incorrectly. The move seems to be an attempt to put mud on him. It is clear who is at fault." He said, "What did these two get from the whole meeting? If someone was intimidating and not approving of them, then both of them should have said this in front of the media and should wait for justice. It was Indian cricket and its Wrong for players. " Interestingly, Johri said after the meeting that getting the approval of the tours is a separate issue which has nothing to do with the arrival of NADA.
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