Physician kailash Mantri says 30 p.c indians are mentally sick | Are there actually 30 p.c mentally sick individuals in India?


new Delhi: 30 percent people of India Mental form Dr. Kailash Minister, a leading psychologist, life coach and alternative medicine practitioner, says this. However, he has developed a unique method of treating mental illness. They believe that with the help of alternative treatment, it is possible to treat many mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's, insomnia, addiction to drugs and alcohol, Parkinson's.

Emphasizing the need for this technique, Dr. Kailash Minister said, "Drugs are not the solution to mental illness, they can only be called essential evil. Medical science has not found a solution for the treatment of mental illnesses in the last 100 years. 95 percent of the patients suffering from these diseases remain the victims of life-long illness. Suicides in mental patients are increasing rapidly due to disappointment and hopelessness. Nowadays, mental illnesses are affecting people of all ages, every gender and every lifestyle. Most doctors and hospitals give sleeping medicines to the patient for the treatment of mental illness, which weakens the patient's nerves. This is definitely not the appropriate solution.

Therefore, Dr. Kailash Minister treats mental illnesses without medicines. Its biggest advantage is that there are no side effects. Within 10 days of starting treatment, its effect starts showing. The Kailash Minister has chalked out a plan to train more than one lakh people as life coaches within the next 10 years. They want to make India the world's largest center for the treatment of mental illnesses.

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According to the estimates of World Health Organization, 2443 people are suffering from mental illnesses for every 100,000 population in India and the suicide rate is 21.1 for every 100,000 population. Doctor Minister has been providing excellent services in alternative medicine in the field of health care for the last several decades. Dr. Kailash Minister's treatment techniques and research have been published in many national level reputed journals, they have also been awarded in many national forums.

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