Donald Trump no temper to cease US-China commerce warfare | Trump's huge assertion, trade-war between US and China prone to proceed


Washington: US President Donald Trump has joined China Trade Agreements But the possibility of reaching has pushed the uncertainty further by saying that the proposed trade talks between two of the world's biggest economic powers will not happen in September. According to Eff News, Donald Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday, "We will see if we hold our meeting in September or not. If we do, it is fine. And if we do not, it is fine."

If this meeting does not take place, the Trump administration is likely to impose a 10 per cent duty on China and $ 300 billion worth of products, which it announced on August 1.

Chinese President Xi Jinping again warned America, saying – no one will win in this war

Trump said, "We are talking to China. We are not ready to compromise, but we will see what happens." China's currency had fallen to its lowest level against the dollar since the 2008 financial crisis following the latest threat by the Trump administration to impose tariffs.

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